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best budget high backed booster?

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bumpybecky · 17/06/2012 22:50

ds(4) is too big for his Britax Eclipse so we need to get another hbb. We've already got 2 britax hbbs (not sure which model but they're a few years old now) and also have dd3(7) who still needs a car seat

we've got two cars - toyota estima and old vw golf. Ideally I'd like to leave one seat in each car and have one that move between them as we quite often just take one of dd3 and ds out at a time / or need to take dd1 and dd2 out at once in the golf, so don't really want to leave both car seats in the back

so to get to the point, can anyone recommend a hbb that's not hugely expensive? I've seen the Britax adventure at a good price, is that any good?

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TheDuckSaysMoo · 17/06/2012 23:01

I have a Graco that does the job for us. £25 in the asda baby event and i've seen it elsewhere for this price too.

mybootsaremuddy · 18/06/2012 19:44

Have friends with Adventure and it looks to be a good seat. We thinking of getting one as our kidfix is to wide for DHs pickup but the Adventure a good few inches narrower.

Another seat I have heard good things about is this one. Its on offer for £25 in Halfords at the moment..... so a real bargin!!
It had an adjustable bit in headrest that drops it back a bit, so realy good if your ds is likely to snooze during a journey as it will stop his head from dropping forward.

bumpybecky · 19/06/2012 13:45

thanks :) I'll have a look at those this week :)

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bumpybecky · 22/06/2012 00:22

The one in halfords is out of stock for all local stores, but they did have the graco one. Both dd3 and ds had a sit in it, much to ds's disgust as the display model was very pink and flowery! I've ordered two from Mothercare as they were very cheap in one of the red colours.

thanks for the tips :)

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