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Rear facing car seats from 0-4?

7 replies

joymaker · 13/06/2012 20:05

Do they exist? If so recommendations please.


OP posts:
Tangointhenight · 13/06/2012 20:10

Yes they do, I've seen them!! I think britax make a few, I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to pick a carseat for DD but I think I'm going for a group 1-2-3... she's a big strong girl at 9 months, nearly 24 lbs so she's ready.

EauRouge · 13/06/2012 20:24

Yes, they do exist. This is a really good website for info. We've got a Britax 2 way elite. If you live anywhere near MK then The In Car Safety Centre is brilliant for advice and fitting.

AuntPepita · 13/06/2012 20:29

Besafe izi combi/kid is the dogs bollocks bees knees.

TruthSweet · 13/06/2012 20:40

Yup I have had 3 of them and they are fab! Mine have all been by Britax but the other brands are good too (though I am dubious about the BimboFix seat purely because of the name Wink).

MamaChic · 15/06/2012 00:05

The best thing to do is take a look at // to find a local stockist, call them up and go and get an in car demonstration of their models.

Many extended rear facing car seats go up to 18kg which is about 4 years old.
Some car seats are available that go all the way up to 25kg which is 5+.

nicm · 15/06/2012 23:32

hi, yes we have the hi-way 2 which is rf from birth to 25kgs. wish i had know about them before we bought a new baby carrier for ds2 as he was in the hi-way from about 5 months! they are great seats, very comfortable for the kids and are light and easy to install.


lagoonhaze · 23/06/2012 11:26

Also kiss klippan

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