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Infant capsule buggy attachment - worth it?

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pinpan · 13/05/2012 03:48

DH and I are doing our research into carseats for DC1, who is due in September. We've got a stroller with a bassinet attachment, but we're wondering whether it is worth having a capsule/carseat that can clip into the same wheel set. Then if the baby falls asleep on the way somewhere, we don't have to wake her up straight away, and can easily potter round the supermarket, etc. On the other hand, it seems that you don't want to leave a baby in a carseat arrangement for more than a couple of hours anyway, so maybe transferring between sleeping places is going to be on the cards anyway. Does anyone have experience/opinions/advice?

OP posts:
justabigdisco · 13/05/2012 04:10

All I would say is it is definitely worth it for nipping out to shops etc as you mention. Can't think of more elaborate answer due to it being 4am but I would recommend! Smile

mnistooaddictive · 13/05/2012 04:15

A definite must!

Loopyloveschocolate · 13/05/2012 08:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BikeRunSki · 13/05/2012 08:29

I had a travel system with a carry cot/bassinet which was compatible with the car seat. I almost always used the carry cot, only the car seat if DS was asleep in the car and we only had a quick errand to run. With DC2 I lost the car seat adaptors and always use the carry cot. She didn't mind, and always goes back to sleep if I wake her up to get out of the car.

I am very aware of not leaving my babies too long in a car seat (my mum lives 6 hours away) and hate to see babies being pushed around shopping centres cooped up in car seats on wheels.

sleeplessinderbyshire · 13/05/2012 23:12

a real must if you have a small monster who only ever falls asleep in the car and screams blue murder if you pick them up and attempt to transfer into the carrycot. Yes they shouldn't be in here for hours on end but a 5-10 min drive followed by 20 mins in a shop followed by 10 mins drive home is a 40 minute nap (or a hellish episode of parental torture)

pinpan · 14/05/2012 21:49

Thanks for all the tips! I keep telling myself I'm going to have a model peaceful baby, but suspect I will end up with a small monster too. Smile We're not in a rush, so I think we'll go and test out all the seats that do fit in the stroller wheels, and if any of them feel safe enough in the car, that's what we'll go for. But definitely going to favour safety over convenience, so if we're not happy with any of them, I guess the monster will just have to pay more attention to supermarkets than she might otherwise...

OP posts:
lagoonhaze · 03/06/2012 08:20

Klippan kiss has an infant seat that comes out as well as being a rearfacer til 4. It also fits a couple of grace strollers which you could pick up cheaply. Then spend a little money on your main pram. Add up the costs it could still work out cheaper

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