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Dangerous child seat

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newmum2012 · 11/05/2012 18:30

Hi everyone

My friend told me about this today - she's got the Topeak child seat (I don't know if this is the right place to post this as it's actually a bike seat so I may put a duplicate post if I can find the right place!) but her son got his fingers really badly trapped in this seat and she had to take him to A&E. She's since found out that this been recalled (see below).

I thought I'd post this thread in case anyone else has got the same seat as her son's injury was pretty nasty and you can probably take them back for a refund. (I haven't read the whole of the blurb on the website but I think if something's recalled they usually offer a replacement or a refund.)

The website has also got a children's section which lists all recalled products with some pretty scary stuff. The link is below in case anyone finds it useful.

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