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Britax Babysafe II SHR with stuck handle?

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AmandinePoulain · 29/04/2012 20:06

I bought one of the above seats in Halfords a few weeks ago as it was on offer. I'm still pregnant so it's never been used, it still has the tags attached. Luckily I thought that I'd have a play with it tonight rather than just putting it away until the baby has born, and found that the handle is completely stuck in the upright position. One side appears to release fine, the other is stuck fast. I intend to return it to Halfords, but I'm wondering whether I should be asking for a refund or exchange? Has anyone else had this issue? I've found a few reports online, including a review on the Halfords website saying that it happened to them. It's a shame because I really like the seat and it fits in the Oyster which is the pram I want. We were sold the display model (company policy apparently! Hmm) and if I exchange it I intend to ask for a boxed one, after all anyone could have played with the display model!

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notfarmingatthemo · 29/04/2012 21:23

I don't think this is your seat but incase it is recal They should take it back if they don't contact britax make sure they give you a new one not the display one.

AmandinePoulain · 29/04/2012 21:32

The one we've got is the newer one with the push button on the handle. That recall does concern me though - one of the options we had considered was exchanging it for the original Baby Safe without the SHR, which still fits the Oyster, but I've come across that recall in my research so I'm put off now! Our other option would be a Maxi Cosi but it's not as long so won't last as long...there doesn't seem to be a simple answer!

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AmandinePoulain · 30/04/2012 09:22


I phoned Britax. The customer services lady said that the handle locks when it gets pushed too far forward (even though ours is stuck upright Hmm), and that they've had a few issues with this but that it's not a recognised fault. Oddly though, even though it's not 'recognised' they've changed the design recently Hmm, and ours must have been in the shop for a while. She advised me to return it and exchange it for a newly delivered one. Which means a trip across town Angry

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notfarmingatthemo · 01/05/2012 07:24

Glad you sound like you may have it sorted. Good luck with the baby when heor she arrives

AmandinePoulain · 01/05/2012 17:04

I'd like to warn people off this seat - the replacement has developed the same fault Angry

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lagoonhaze · 01/05/2012 22:05

yep! Posted about this a while back. Britax are being secretive about it too. Wont put it on facebook page for parents.

AmandinePoulain · 01/05/2012 22:10

I'm really cross about it. From what I was told on the phone, what Which have said and what I've discovered online Britax are fully aware of this issue yet have refused to recall the seat or even remove it from sale. Both times it's happened after the handle has been put fully back - which is described in the instructions as a possible position so it's not as if we're forcing it or anything. I've written them an email and I'm returning the seat tomorrow for a refund. I really thought I could trust Britax Angry.

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CheeseandGherkins · 01/05/2012 22:31

Happened to us. Britax sent a new one out via next day courier and they took the old one away. No probs with new one. Customer services was excellent.

lagoonhaze · 01/05/2012 22:37

Just bumped the two thread with info on this for you

AmandinePoulain · 02/05/2012 06:17

Thanks lagoon.

Cheese they didn't offer to do that for me, they just told me to waste a morning return it to Halfords. I want a refund now anyway, I won't be accepting a replacement.

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