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Group 1 isofix car seat with tether

15 replies

cutegorilla · 27/04/2012 21:18

Does anyone know anything about these seats?

Britax Duo Plus

Baby Weavers Shuffle SP IsoFix Seat

Nania Cosmo SP Isofix

Is it me or are the last two actually the same?

OP posts:
littlemisstax · 27/04/2012 22:21

DD has a Duo Plus in her grandparents car and had one in my old car - she was in it when we were hit from behind and the car was written off (she walked away with a bitten lip/tongue). She's got the new britax trifix in my new car.

What do you want to know?

cutegorilla · 27/04/2012 22:48

I guess I just want to know if they are any good. Sounds like the Britax did the job, bless your DD, I'm glad she was ok.

Did you find the seat ok to use. I've read on a couple of reviews that the recline isn't very good?

OP posts:
dean2012 · 28/04/2012 20:58

The new Britax Trifix is probably the best forward facing car seat currently. Its new so not many reviews around, its expensive, RRP £319, but its good.
As i car seat fitter I love the duo plus, easy to fit and great. Usually get it for a decent price RRP £219 but with a good search £150 should be found.

thisisyesterday · 28/04/2012 21:20

i would buy the best seat you can afford

the nania and baby weavers seats will meet the minimum safety standards (which quite frankly aren't very high), the britax one will exceed those standards.

personally I would go with an extended rearfacing car seat as they're much, much, much safer than forward facing seats

cutegorilla · 29/04/2012 19:58

Thanks dean.

thisis All the rear facing ones use props (as far as I can make out) which I can't use in my car due to under floor storage compartments. That's why I need one with a tether. I also have to fit 3 seats in the back of the car so not much room for a bulky seat.

OP posts:
cutegorilla · 29/04/2012 19:59

Ps. I intend to keep him in his rear facing infant carrier for as long as it is still safe as I do agree it is safer.

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 29/04/2012 20:17

the britax 2 way elite doesn't have a prop

thisisyesterday · 29/04/2012 20:19

some manufacturers make blocks that go into the underfloor storage too, so you can use a prop.

thisisyesterday · 29/04/2012 20:20

i always do this, think of more stuff to write and end up posting 5 million separate posts...

i've found it easier to fit 3 across the back with the ERF seats, because you end up with a gap at the back of the actual car seat which makes it easier to fit a forward facing seat next to it. if that makes sense.

i have some pics on my profile of my lot in the back of the car

JarethTheGoblinKing · 29/04/2012 20:22

What kind of car do you have? Most of them sell spacers to support an isofix leg/RF seat. (Touran certainly does)

cutegorilla · 30/04/2012 18:18

It's a Citroen Grand Picasso. There is no way I can use props in it. They don't do filers for the storage.

OP posts:
cutegorilla · 30/04/2012 18:21

Or even fillers!

OP posts:
Debs75 · 30/04/2012 18:35

I have a recaro polaric and that has tethers and it doesn't have a prop. It fits behind the passenger seat and I can get 2 kiddy pro's in the other 2 seats woithout their being any trouble with room or seatbelt fitting. I used to be able to fit a 0 stage at one side the recaro at the other and an adult or kiddy pro in the middle. I do have a Kia Sedona so might be blessed with more space than a citreon

thisisyesterday · 30/04/2012 19:54

i thought the polaric did have a prop?

the picture <a class="break-all" href=",r:7,s:0,i:88" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">here suggests it does, and the in-car safety centre says it has one?

i wonder if there are different versions of it?

Buba2012 · 15/05/2012 21:00

There is only one version and it most definitely has a foot prop. You must have yours tucked underneath, but if you have a storage box you can't use it anyway. I would recommend a twe anyway. Much better recline than the polaric and will fit in your car no problem!

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