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Another Britax babysafe car seat recall

8 replies

lagoonhaze · 17/04/2012 16:40

This isn't the first time they have had problems either.

Can we try and keep this bumped please.

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lagoonhaze · 17/04/2012 16:57

Sent from my iPod

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lagoonhaze · 17/04/2012 20:43


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ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder · 17/04/2012 20:50

Thank you, I will check our seat's serial number

lagoonhaze · 17/04/2012 21:35

Fingers crossed its not

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Cydonia · 23/04/2012 22:37

I got a letter about this, our seat is still in the box but got it out and checked the serial numbers etc and luckily it's not affected. The 'funny' thing is, when we bought it the shop assistant recommended the Babysafe over the Babysafe Plus as they had had problems with the handle on that model!

januaryjojo · 25/04/2012 15:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lagoonhaze · 01/05/2012 22:37


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ColourMePurple · 04/06/2012 13:19


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