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At what point is a carseat too small?

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milkybrew · 02/03/2012 19:30

Sorry stupid question but when is a seat considered too small? My DD is 9 months old, 9.9 kilos and top centile for height. We have a maxi cosi cabriofix, width wise she fits in fine, length wise her very long legs are over the edge, her head has not reached top of the seat yet. It states weight upto 13kg but does anyone know the guidelines regarding height?

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SecretNutellaFix · 02/03/2012 19:33

When the head is over the top of the seat.

Please keep her rear facing for as long as possible- much safer.

Indith · 02/03/2012 19:35

seconded, legs over the edge are fine, wait until she is too heavy or her head is over.

milkybrew · 02/03/2012 20:00

That's what I was hoping you'd all say! I am currently researching ERF seats but hadn't budgeted for quite the expense so am hoping to use the cabriofix as long as possible!

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MessNessPess · 02/03/2012 20:04

Once the top of her ears are level with the seat top she needs to change. ERF is the safest.

RitaMorgan · 02/03/2012 20:08

My 18 month old, 11kg ds just had to come out of his baby seat as his head was over the top.

milkybrew · 02/03/2012 20:19

Mess-so it's ok if the top of her head is over the top of the seat? Her head is big, top centile at birth, so her ears are a way down!

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4madboys · 02/03/2012 20:35

NO on a rear facing baby carseat once their heads are level with the top its too small, on a forward facing carseat their heads can be oer the top as long as their eyes and tops of their ears are not over the top.

the rules are diff for forward and rearward facing seats!

thisisyesterday · 02/03/2012 20:37

yes if the head is over the top of the seat then you will need a new one.

mybootsaremuddy · 02/03/2012 20:45

what 4mad said is correct, On RF seat its TOP HEAD level with top of seat for it to be too small. FF seat its eyes/ears level with top of seat.

From what i have seen from crash test footage in an accident a Rfacer is pushed back and up into the seat so if their head is sticking out the top you risk their head being pushed completely out the seat..... dont think I need to explaine what would then happen to their delicate wee necksSad.

blondieminx · 02/03/2012 20:59

Yes once the top of baby's head is level with the top of the seat it's time to move them up.... It doesn't matter if the legs are too long as they'll tend to splay them out - the important bit to protect is the head! So pls don't move up a size of seat till baby's head is big enough to do so! We went for the britax 2 way elite which is RF till at least 4, got it from the in car safety centre in Milton Keynes and fitted by the nice ladies at the Essex county council carseat advice centre ....would highly recommend the seat Smile

thisisyesterday · 02/03/2012 21:01

interestingly, with regard to legs, I had my 4 and a bit year old who is normally rear-facing, in a forward facing seat the other day and he spent the entire journey with his legs crossed up on the seat!
didn't seem to care that he had room to put them down Grin

milkybrew · 02/03/2012 21:01

Okay, thank you everyone. Her head has a little way until its at the top of the seat so we are okay for now. I did wonder how safe it could be if her head was over the top and the canopy would be pressing on her head so it didn't seem right. Off to pick an ERF seat now.

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