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Recommendations for cheap 2nd car seat?

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Deliaskis · 21/02/2012 10:05

Hi there,

DD is just one and we're moving her out of her infant seat into the next size. For my car, that we use the most, we're getting the Britax 2-way elite, and she'll be rear facing for a good few months at least. But we need a 2nd one for DH's car. She will only be in it for literally 2 x 2 minute journeys a week, when he does the two nursery pick-ups. All of the long distance and weekend and really any other driving, we do in my car. So I'm happy to stump up for the Britax 2 way for my car, but for DH's we're really looking to get something pretty cheap, that will last until she's out of car seats altogether.

If anyone has any recommendations for this kind of thing, I'd be really grateful. I've seen what look like som bargains on the Asda, Tesco & Halfords website, but really have no idea what's what, and would be grateful for any recommendations.

And yes of course I know that accidents can happen anywhere, but this nursery pick-up is just a drive through the village at less than 20mph, for 2 minutes, so we can't really afford to splash out on 2 x Britax 2-way ones.

Any thoughts?


OP posts:
notfarmingatthemo · 21/02/2012 14:51

Why don't you look at the seats with impact cushions like this or this one You would then have a seat that was safe that although you would only use a bit now you could use more in the future when your dd outgrows the twe. You also have a second seat that you could move into your car for playmates when dd are at school or if you have another child you already have a really good seat. When they outgrow the twe you will still need a high back booster this would mean you would already have a really good one.
Its really hard when your child is one to sea how your life will change as she gets older. If you can manage to afford it get one with issofix even if you don't have it in your car at the moment as within the life of the seat you may change your car and it makes it safer for you dh when dd isn't in the car as it stops it moving in a accident

justforinfo · 21/02/2012 19:51

At her age the only group 1-2-3 I would consider is an impact shield one e.g the Pallas or Kiddy.

The Britax Evolva has been really well crash tested but I still wouldn't put a young child in it!

Has she outgrown her seat by weight or height?
What car have you got?

justforinfo · 21/02/2012 19:52

As in what car has DH got?!!!!

Loopymumsy · 22/02/2012 06:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Deliaskis · 22/02/2012 09:00


Thanks for answers, really useful ideas here actually.

She's only 10kg weight wise, so good for a good few months in the infant carrier in terms of weight, but she is long and her head is at the top. SHe's also pretty uncomfortable with the straps which are quite tight now. It's not an urgent situation to change by any means, I just want to have an idea what to go for and what to consider when I do.

DH has an Audi A3 but only 3 door so that's something to consider.

It's a good point though re the impact shields, because with those, we're looking at quite a lot of money anyway so might as well have got 2 x the Britax 2-way ones. We just can't afford two high end ones, and yes of course her safety is paramount, I just was hoping there might be an option that we could look at, considering it's only for these two very short journeys each week.

Maybe we keep using the infant carrier in DH's car for a bit and wait until we can afford to get a better new one.


OP posts:
nicm · 22/02/2012 09:50

hi, have you thought of just getting another set of tether straps for dhs car? we have done this. while it takes a few minutes at the start when you are learning to install it, i could probably do it with my eyes closed now!


Deliaskis · 23/02/2012 11:17

Hi nicm it's not the moving of the seat per se, it's that I need to drop DD at nursery and DH picks up, and I would need to take DD into nursery (it's down a path round the side of a school and at the back of the playing field, so not v easy from the pavement), then go back and get the car seat, then leave it there all day, then DH would need to do the reverse on collection, so it's really not practical to have one and move it around.

Ta tho!


OP posts:
justforinfo · 23/02/2012 22:22

I think there is 2 options here (preferable one first)

  1. continue using infant carrier until she has outgrown it height/weight then see if you can afford another TWE or equivalent (again if your paying out for an impact shield you may as well get another TWE as you said)

  2. Buy a front facer and use this from when she has again, outgrown the infant carrier. Halfords have the Maxi Cosi Priori for about £89 online at the moment (you can pick up and have it 'fitted' in store) Mothercare also have the Britax Eclipse for about £80. Out of the two, the Maxi Cosi is probably a bit easier to fit (they fit exactly the same but the diagonal belt clip is easier to use on the MC) but the Britax is far more padded.

    I wouldn't touch any of the cheap supermarket seats and would very much not recommend a group 1,2,3 seat at this stage. A specific group 1 has been designed for a smaller age range so can provide better safety than one that has to cover from 12 months - 12 years :)
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