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Anyone know where the Britax Two Way Elite RF car seat has gone?

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Lorna1234 · 07/02/2012 17:56

I may be being dense but Mumsnet awarded the Britax Two Way Elite rear facing car seat a '10'. So off I trot to try to buy one on the tinternet but no can do. It seems to have disappeared. Is it now the Britax Multi Tech 2? Is it the same thing and does anywhere south of Sweden sell them!? Confused face! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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sleeplessinderbyshire · 07/02/2012 17:58

it's only ever been sold by the in car safety centre in milton keynes. afaik they still sell it but no where else in the uk does

Lorna1234 · 07/02/2012 18:00

Wow. Good to know. I guess the research continues for another good RF car seat now! This is not an easy task at all but thanks for your help :)

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HJisthinkingofanewname · 07/02/2012 18:52

They deliver. Very fast too!

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