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Britax Trifix

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CocoPopsAddict · 06/02/2012 21:05

Hi all,

I understand that the above is a new model, due out this month.

We are currently thinking about a group 1 seat for DS (14 months). At the moment he is still in his Britax Baby-Safe.

So... we had been thinking Two-way Elite, and then Britax claim that the Trifix is their safest group 1 seat.

What do you all think? I mean, because the TWE is not widely available in this country, and group 1 RF seats are not that common... are they saying it is their safest FF seat, or safer than the TWE?

I fully understand the physics for frontal collisions and why RF is deemed safer, although apparently the Trifix has some elements that help to prevent neck/spinal injuries. I am not really sure how those could be better than a RF seat, but...

I know the Trifix uses Isofix whereas the TWE doesn't, so the risk of installing the TWE incorrectly is higher.

Has anyone tried the Trifix out yet?

And any thoughts on one versus the other?

OP posts:
justforinfo · 07/02/2012 11:18

The TRIfix is the safest group 1 ISOfix seat.

It has polystyrene pockets that pop out the side of the seat to protect the child's hips and torso in a side impact (easier to imagine when you see a stripped down version) It also has an intergrated top tether which must be used, reducing pivotal movement - this is safer than a foot prop as the eventual stop isn't as sharp - protecting babies neck. The seat is ISOfix so very difficult to install wrong and has Britax PivotLink ISOfix.

Cons: ISOfix only so you won't be able to fit it in a non ISOfix car


The Two-Way Elite is a Group 1,2. The TWE rearfacing should be safer than the trifix - due to the physics involved in a frontal collision. As the TWE is seatbelt fitted and doesn't have a foot prop it will fit a large number of vehicles. It can also sit front facing to 25kg with harness (not recommended but you have the choice)

CONS: Side impact protection on the TWE isn't as good as TRIfix.

Have you considered the multi-tech? Much better side impact protection but it does have a foot prop.


Children that are front facing have a 55% chance of survival in a front impact (Taken from a BBC report on ERF)

The TRIfix is 15% safer than other front facers, so children have 70% chance (From Britax themselves)

ERF - about 95% chance. (Taken from BBC report)

It depends on how confident you are that you will fit a seatbelt ERF correctly. As there are very few places that fit them you will likely have to do it yourself, The TRIfix is ISOfix so you can't really get it wrong, but you will have to ensure you do the top tether correctly!

Hope this helps!

CocoPopsAddict · 18/02/2012 16:03

Thank you so much, and sorry for the delayed reply!

OP posts:
Heswall · 11/03/2012 00:13

I just think if you are willing to spend £300 on a car seat why not make it a rear facing one, that tends to be what puts most people off if they are truthful the price.

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