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pigleychez · 06/02/2012 14:31

DD1 is 3.6 and is 28lbs/12.7 kg

She's not ready to move up just yet as her current seats upper limit is 18kg.
I do however like to do my research before to make sure im getting the right/best seat.

What do I need to know/ look for. I guess im now looking at high backed booster seats but anything extra/advice I should know?


OP posts:
TruthSweet · 06/02/2012 16:10

Booster training! Before you use a HBB, your child needs to understand that what they do in the seat could make them unsafe (e.g leaning forward, messing with the belt/buckle, only using the lap part, etc).

Try building up with short journeys so that they can practice sitting still in the seat with out wriggling, reaching down for toys, fiddling with belt/buckle and lots of praise for good sitting.

DD2 (110cm, 17kg, 4.2y) is just now undergoing Booster Training (went out in the car with Grandma today in her spare seat which is a high back booster) and she managed to sit nicely in her seat the whole journey (approx 25mins each way).

I don't recommend her seat - a Renolux stage 1-3 seat - at all as she has just gone into it and she is outgrowing the highest setting (it was her sister's spare seat but handed down). She is tall but in no way is she going in a LBB at 4y - way too unsafe (her sister is nearly 6 and she rides in a HBB).

I really rate the Sunshine Kids Monterey and I will be getting our 3rd for DD2 soon (DD1 has one in DH's car and one as a spare but DD2 rides harnessed in a TWE in DH's car). It is just about the perfect booster - the only thing it doesn't do it recline but TBH if your child sleeps in the car they need harnessing for their own safety as they can't help slumping or wriggling in their sleep.

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