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What is the life span of a car seat?

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esselle · 30/01/2012 00:00

I have a Maxicosi Priori carseat which we bought for DD1 in 2005. She used it until she outgrew it and moved into a booster. DS1 is currently using it but needs to move into a booster soon too.

I am expecting DC4 next month and will need to use a rear facing seat for the baby which DS2 is currently using.

So shall I shuffle DS2 into the Maxicosi which is almost 7yrs old or get him a new one?

DH doesn't see the need for another new seat, I want a new one.

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CumberdickBendybatch · 30/01/2012 00:02

I think they have a date on them somewhere, and iirc its 7 years from manufacture.

CumberdickBendybatch · 30/01/2012 00:03

...and I agree with you. I'd buy a new one.

esselle · 30/01/2012 01:54

Thank you. I Will have a look for the used by date. I am not being precious and wanting new stuff for the sake of it. I did wonder how long they are supposed to last.

OP posts:
CumberdickBendybatch · 30/01/2012 08:13

Has it been in the car the whole time? Extreme temperature changes can really weaken the plastic, so even if it looks fine it may not be. Better to be on the safe side I reckon

esselle · 30/01/2012 09:07

It has been in a car all this time. Almost five years ago we moved to Australia so it is exposed to heat more than cold which I imagine is probably harsher. Although our cars are always kept in the garage when we are out and about it is in the sun.

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gardenplants · 30/01/2012 09:15

I thought that it was 6 years after manufacture. I would definitely get a new one. Particularly as the only way the child is attached is via the 5 point harness. If the seat itself failed, there would be no protection from the car seatbelt. It's not like a highback booster where the child has the belt over them.

esselle · 30/01/2012 09:24

I have just wrestled it out of the car and cannot see a used by date on it anywhere.

Anyway I have decided I'm just going to buy a new one anyway so it doesn't really matter. Grin

OP posts:
esselle · 30/01/2012 09:26

Thanks garden plants, I didn't see your post before I replied.

OP posts:
StewieGriffinsMom · 30/01/2012 09:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nicm · 30/01/2012 14:50

hi, maxi cosi is supposed to be 5 years. have a look at this list for more info.


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