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Asda - £25 / Nanio Tri Plus.. suitable from birth to 7/8yrs

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HappyJoyful · 26/01/2012 13:22

Just seen this - anyone got it ? need to change our 12mnth dd from her maxi cosi rear facing. Is it too cheap ?!

OP posts:
TruthSweet · 26/01/2012 14:02

Yes, it's too cheap and I doubt it would last long enough to be used as a booster (I had a Nania baby bucket as spare for DDs 1-3 but only used approx 20 times and stored indoors - before it was 5 years old [from date of manufacture not purchase] the plastic shell was covered in stress fractures [white/pale blue streaks on a navy blue plastic shell).

There are much better seats out there with better side impact protection that actually rf past 10kg and generally a seat that rf, ff, and can be used as a booster is making a compromise somewhere.


justforinfo · 26/01/2012 17:50

I wouldn't touch it to be honest. Honestly - 'own brand' seats have scraped through the crash tests e.g nania, pampero, baby weaver. I'm not sure how 'well versed' you are when it comes to child seats so (crash test just being 1 frontal collision at 30mph Hmm )

please forgive this little bit of advice if it's pointing out the obvious: :)

  1. DD can stay in the rear-facing car seat until she is 13kg or the top of her head is at the top of the seat, please keep her rear-facing for as long as possible

  2. Have you looked at/are you aware of extended rear facing? It is much safer to keep a child rearfacing to 4 - take a look at this website for more info before you pay out on a front facing seat!

  3. Wether you decide to front or extended rear face your child beware of correct fitment and buckle crunch - take a look at this website for more info on correct fitment, under the useful info tab.

  4. Have you got ISOfix? If you have that is another option, ISOfix is safer as you can't fit the seat incorrectly The Britax DUOplus is very good and if you reserve online you can normally get it for £150, as it's got Brtiax PivotLink isofix it's slightly safer than your average front facer.

  5. What budget are you working with? The £25 nania is crap tbh, but so is the £220 Maxi Cosi opal - both from safety perspectives! Extended rearfacing is very expensive with the cheapest coming in at around £150/£180 (Brtiax Multi-tech purchased from volvo £150 and Britax Two Way elite about £180) but it is up to 5x safer.
    You can pick up the Britax First Class in a sale for about £100 which has additional tilt control and has had proper side impact tests and has been tested at higher forces unlike some other seats.

    Good luck!
JuneMummy · 26/01/2012 20:57

I personally wouldnt buy it. Ive heard too many bad things about narnia car seats.

HouseworkProcrastinator · 26/01/2012 21:06

I got one of these as a spare for my parents car. I think it is fab because they sometimes have my little one so need it with the straps and then other times have my big one so need it as a booster (still keep the back on) I also have a different Narnia as little ones main seat. Have had no issues at all with it.

HappyJoyful · 14/02/2012 13:25

Thanks everyone.. I didn't get and wont now ! Justforinfo, will be following your advice and seeing if I can get one in the sale.

OP posts:
justforinfo · 15/02/2012 16:15

Glad to be of help :)

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