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Easy to swap cars - carseat

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MissMuldoon1 · 23/01/2012 19:53

Hello All,

I need a bit of advise on carseats. The problem is my partner and I only have one car, so I drop 17month old at nursey in the afternoon and leave a big bulky Graco car seat and my partner and father in Law then pick him up later on in the afternoon.

Our car seat is a nightmare its so big and bulky and takes ages to fit in so im after a car seat that will pretty much plonk right in to my father in Laws car, its for a 17 month old. Anyone have any suggestions???

OP posts:
Miomio · 23/01/2012 20:00

can you ask around for another?

second hand car seats have no real value but if know where it is from it is not a problem. there will be tons of great ones in peoples garages. ive just given my maxi cosi tobi (was £160) to one of the mums at school for the grans car so they wouldnt have to do this.

justforinfo · 24/01/2012 20:25

I wouldn't get a 2nd hand car seat unless your 100% happy that you kow where it's come from. You also have to be careful with fitting to make sure there is no buckle crunch etc. Take a look at cssp for more info about buckle crunch. Also rememebr that seats only have a 6-10 yr shelf life so take that into account too! What car is the seat going into and what's your budget?

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