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Britax isofix base doesnt feel secure

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Francois · 28/12/2011 21:56


I recently bought a shop model Britax isofix base. I have since bought a baby safe car seat but when I try to fit it into my car the isofix doesn't feel at all secure. I ordered the wedge from Britax that is meant for bucket seats but it's made no difference. When the seat is clipped in it doesn't come out of the base but it moves within the isofix brackets and also off the seat if you hold the car seat handle and pull up

I already have a Group 1 Britax isofix seat which fits perfectly and is rock solid so not sure it's a car comparability issue

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong/ how to remedy most welcome

OP posts:
nocake · 28/12/2011 22:27

I have to ask... you have fitted it correctly?

The base will lift off the seat a bit as there's nothing to stop it, as long as it doesn't disconnect from the isofix points. The group 1 seat will feel more secure because it is held against the car seat by the locking mechanism (assuming it's forward facing) and has extra anchor points. The group 0+ base is only held by the isofix points and the support leg.

Having said that, if you're in any doubt get it checked by an expert.

Francois · 29/12/2011 07:43


Maybe that's how it's supposed to be I just assumed it would be as solid as the ff one. It's definitely not moving from the anchor points although it does slide within anchor points (with guides attached) will have to try again

OP posts:
justforinfo · 17/01/2012 21:07

It will move more but if you phone Britax they'd be happy to assist, they've always been great when i've had to call them :D

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