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Alfa Brera

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buonasera · 19/12/2011 13:24

Hi, I wonder if anyone has an Alfa Brera and if so, have you been able to fit rear facing baby seats into it?

OP posts:
justforinfo · 22/12/2011 23:52

as in a group 0 or group 1 extended rear facing? I don't have one of these cars but if you can take a few pics of the back seat (seat belt buckle lengths, bucket seats or flat, the points where the seatbelt comes out of the seat) I could probably tell you if your likely to get something to fit :)

hohohEauRouge · 28/12/2011 11:46

I speak from experience, get rid of your children before you get rid of the Alfa Grin

I used to have a 147 and it would only just fit a Britax 2WE in the back- no chance of that in a Brera. You might just be able to squeeze a baby car seat in behind the driver's seat if you're not very tall but I wouldn't swear to it. Sadly I've never driven a Brera so I couldn't tell you for sure....

If you go to Mothercare or Halfords even better, a specialist car seat place (In Car Safety is good if you're anywhere near MK) then they should let you try a few out to see if they fit.

buonasera · 28/12/2011 14:01

Thanks for the advice guys! We're going to kiddicare and they're going to try and find us seats that will work - it's group 0 we need I think, anyway the one for newborns, and we're having twins so got to get two in the back! Not so much of a problem for me but my other half's quite tall so he might be in for sore knees... still though it will be worth it. So many people have already teased us about needing to get rid of the Brera for a "sensible" car (seems sensible enough to me: 5 star ncap rating and it goes nice and fast for trips up to my folks in Scotland) that I'm getting quite protective of it.

OP posts:
hohohEauRouge · 28/12/2011 14:17

Wow, twins! Congrats :) Do you mean the big Kiddicare warehouse? It's not far from me, I know a couple of people who got their car seats fitted there and they were pleased with the service they got.

I had to get a sensible car a few months ago :( DD1 still says every so often "mummy, I miss my red car".

buonasera · 28/12/2011 15:00

Yep that's the one :-) I'd heard they were good and have about every car seat ever made so fingers crossed they can find us something.

Oh no! I would be very chuffed if the small ones like our car. Let's face it though, it's probably more about the colour for them than anything else :-)

OP posts:
OfflineFor30Years · 28/12/2011 15:09

We used to have a Brera but had to get rid of it when DC2 came along - it just wasn't practical I'm afraid. DH still mutters about it under his breath...

buonasera · 28/12/2011 16:27

Oh, so did you still have it when you had your first? Did you find a car seat to fit it?

OP posts:
OfflineFor30Years · 28/12/2011 16:44

It wasn't our main car so it was quite rare that we were all in and DD1 was in the next stage carseat by the time we bought it - (Type 1?) which was forward facing and tbh if it was just one of us in the car, she would would go in the front seat as there wasn't much room even for that seat in the back.

Sorry, not much help Sad

akiwijinglebells · 28/12/2011 17:44

Good luck finding group 0+ for that car! My friend tryed and failed when she was expecting dc2 she had dc1 in a maxi cosi tobi i think but that is a stage 1 seat and it took her long enough to find that to fit. She had to say goodbye to her beloved BrevaSad. That was 3 years ago though so there might be a new seat by now that could fit.

Another bit of advice if you are going to kiddicare is to try out puchchair/pram in the boot as well. Doubles take up a lot of space and the brera has quite a small boot(from what i remember).

Congrats on your twins by that way. Thaey are fun and rewarding (and hard workGrin).Mine are 6mth now and totaly scrummy.

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