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5 point safety harness

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SausageSmuggler · 29/11/2011 16:01

Is it a requirement that group 0 car seats have them?

DH got an old Britax one secondhand when DS was younger to use as a spare in his parents car and we were going to use it for this baby too. Thing is i've had a look at it and realised its only a 3 point harness, not 5 point. I don't really feel comfortable using it on a regular basis because of this anyway but was just wondering what the safety standards were? I couldn't really find anything from google.

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MotherPanda · 29/11/2011 16:02

can you explain to me the difference please? because if it means 3 straps, thats what i've got in my new car seat...

SausageSmuggler · 29/11/2011 16:46

Ok so 3 point is the two straps over the shoulders and then the one between the legs. 5 point is those plus straps that go over the waist.

Now i've looked closer at some though it doesn't seem very many are actually 5 point so maybe its not the standard.

OP posts:
MotherPanda · 29/11/2011 16:51

Thanks, No - I've only ever seen the 3 point in 0 and 0+ which is what I have - I'm not sure there's any need when the babies are rear facing, and the straps cover so much of the babies body at this age anyway, I was very confused about where you could fit any more straps!

So I would say that what you have is perfectly safe, although old/second hand car seats always have the risk of being slightly damaged through little bumps/wear and tear. Is there any way you can get it checked out so that you know it would be safe in a crash?

SausageSmuggler · 29/11/2011 20:53

Ah thanks MotherPanda it was only because DS is in a stage 1 seat his is a 5 point one and I honestly can't remember what his 0 one was like.

Where would I be able to get the seat checked? That would put my mind at ease.

OP posts:
MotherPanda · 29/11/2011 21:08

This website has information on local events, i know they do events where they can do checks.

It also has a little section on second hand seats.

Loopymumsy · 30/11/2011 06:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotherPanda · 30/11/2011 11:03

oops - sorry for talking rubbish then loopymumsy, good advice.

aswellasyou · 30/11/2011 12:08

How old is it Sausage? If you mean it's 3 or 4 years then it'll be fine from an age point of view. How has it been stored? Is there any chance it's been dropped, had something dropped on it, been in an accident, got damp, etc.? If in doubt, get a new one. It's not worth the potential outcome of using a damaged seat in a serious collision.

SausageSmuggler · 30/11/2011 12:52

I honestly can't answer any of those questions though I did think the padding was a bit thin so while I don't mind so much if it's used occassionally by the grandparents I think i'd rather get a new one for my own peace of mind. there's another expense.

On that note then has anyone had any experiences with baby weavers car seats? I know they're a 'budget' brand but I would've thought they would still have to legally be up to the same safety regulations as the more expensive ones?

OP posts:
aswellasyou · 30/11/2011 13:24

I haven't had a BW carseat, sorry. They will all have to meet UK saftey standards, but they're not especially high and they allow very poor side impact protection. Just looking at a picture of a BW carseat, the SIP looks reasonably good to me, especially when compared to lots of other cheaper carseats.

However, I would strongly recommend one of these, which is only £53.32. I had one of these for my daughter and it was really good. It's a much more spacious and longer seat than others I've used, so it should last well.

SausageSmuggler · 30/11/2011 15:55

Actually yes I think that one came out pretty high on which's safety tests. I signed up to find out about BW car seats and typically they aren't bloody on there Hmm but it seems there are still a few budget options that are safe. Thanks aswell, you're a star.

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onetwothreefourfive · 30/11/2011 19:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mybootsaremuddy · 30/11/2011 22:49

sausage if you wanted the graco one that aswell linked to then look on amazon or kiddycare they both have it for £49.99. I know it only saves you £3 but £3 could buy you a pretty large bar of chocolateGrin.
Our nanny's friend uses the graco one for her youngest charge and it looks pretty well padded and he still has plenty of room left yet (is 10mth and of 'average' size). There is a girl at our local toddler group that has a BW infant seat in a purple/pinky colour and it looks terribly flimsy to my eye and once the newborn bit comes out very hard and uncomfortable (like 12345 said padding is crap).

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