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HaemophilusAphrophilus · 20/10/2011 16:20

Am taking DS on a 14 hr flight when he is 7 mths old. Have bought him a child seat on the plane but wondering if anyone knows of a suitable car seat for that age. It needs to be forward facing and usable with a lap belt. There are no more bassinet seats available on the flights and he is already almost 9 kg at 5 months and very long for his age so a bassinet might not be feasible anyway. We were going to take a car seat for use on arrival anyway but wanted one that fits the bill for the flight as well. Have thought about the britax 2 way elite but worried it won't fit the plane seat (max width 42 cm). Any suggestions or advice on dealing with a super sized baby that may not be able to sit independently also welcome!

OP posts:
CandiNash · 20/10/2011 19:30

Hi there

What airline are you flying with? we traveled long haul to SA last year with our 11 month old baby, we requested a basinett in advance but when we arrived the flight was full (despite booking in advance) they then gave us a rocker which strapped to the same place that the basinett holder sits, this actually worked out much better and my daughter slept through the whole flight. (It only applies if you manage to secure a seat at the front) so it might be worth asking the airline if you can get one of these.

We took along our britax vigour 4+ carseat which is part of a buggy set but the staff would not let us use it as it did not fit in the seat forward facing (it did fit facing the back of the seat). On the way back again on BA flight they did allow us to use the car seat facing the opposite direction??!?!?!?

Might be worth checking out the following sites

Lastly a friend who flies long haul frequently swears by one of these breastfeeding/flopeeze pillows

If baby ends up sitting on your lap it moulds into you and is comfy enough for them to fall asleep on, plus it is easy to travel.

-Dont forget to pack a small blanket, the fleece ones that the airlines provide had so much static it un nerved me.

  • Try getting to the airport and having a meal in the terminal, will save fuss and hassle on the flight.

Hope this is of some help

Good Luck with your flight
CandiNash · 20/10/2011 19:31 oops forget to send the flopeze link

HaemophilusAphrophilus · 20/10/2011 19:59

Thanks! Am flying AirAsia for the first time so don't really know what to expect. Good point about the eating before flying and will take a blanket. Already have a breastfeeding pillow but DS is too big for it, or maybe I'm too small!

OP posts:
justforinfo · 20/10/2011 20:12

The Britax eclipse is approved for flights as can fit with lap belt but it is front facing, (which i don't like!!) however it does have a very good recline on it so baby will be able to fall asleep comfortably. The graco group 0+ car seat has a base and that also fits with a lap belt, so an expensive option but could fit the base to the plane seat with belt and clip graco rear carrier on (it's also a tall seat so ds should have plenty of room, would be concerned about it not fitting into the gap though!!!) Good luck!

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