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Recommendations for small, light, cheap car seat for occasional grandparents use please.

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LittleB · 30/08/2011 22:04

I go back to work in a few weeks and my mum will be looking after dc's sometimes, it will be easier for her to have a car seat rather than sharing ours, I need to buy a group 1 seat for ds (almost 9mths, 9kgs+) She'll only be doing about 12 miles per week for the school run and she has a yaris so I need something small, and easy to remove, cost is a factor, I'll pay more for ours as it will be used alot but for little use cost is a factor. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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aswellasyou · 31/08/2011 10:27

If I were you I'd get a group 0/1 seat. It's much safer for a child to be rear facing as long as possible and having a group 0/1 seat would mean you could keep your daughter rear facing until she hits 13kg and then turn her forward facing. Here's a very cheap option at £40. The side impact protection looks quite good on this seat which it often isn't on a group 0/1 seat for some reason.

LittleB · 31/08/2011 22:15

Thank you, that looks good, we have a similar seat (Britax First Class) for DH's car, I'll give them a ring and see if it fits the Yaris.

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BertieBotts · 01/09/2011 09:08

If you want ease of use and lightweight, the Kiddy Infinity Pro is very good. It's also quite intuitive to use to grandparent-friendly! It's not the cheapest thing there is but about the same price as the First Class I think.

Other than that it's worth looking at seats which are reduced like the one aswellas has posted rather than the ultra-cheap seats, Nania, Babystart etc.

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