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3 car seats in a Zafira?

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marmitemad · 14/08/2011 14:31

am asking on behalf of a friend who is having terrible trouble finding 2 narrow car seats for her 12 month old twins to go in the middle row of a 2005 zafira along with a Graco Junior Plus hi back booster seat (for her 5 year old).

she doesn't want to put the 5 year old in the boot seat as these are not very safe and then there is not enough room for the pram

mothercare have suggested that she puts the 5 year old in the front passenger seat with the air bag on (it can't be turned off)

any advice welcome.....

OP posts:
sleepevader · 14/08/2011 16:47

A 2005 model does have a three point belt in the middle from memory but seat is very narrow.

Firstly option is keep the twins in their infant carriers for a long as safety allows which i assume she is already doing.

Britax Eclipse is one of the slimmest fitting car seats so may be worth trying. It may well be that the two need to be side by side so that HBB has easy access to seat and buckle. A good car fitter will be able to check that middle one is fitted safely and doesnt intefer with the others.

marmitemad · 14/08/2011 21:21

thanks, I had already earmarked the Eclipse as one for her to try, just need to find a shop with 2 stock for her to try......

she does have 3 x 3 point belts which is one good thing as she cant afford a new car yet

OP posts:
sazm · 14/08/2011 21:32

our britax eclipse,'fitted' in really well with a britax hi-liners/adventure seat. the way they fitted next to each other made them pretty narrow :)

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