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Trying to fit in 3 car seats

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sudsie1 · 25/07/2011 20:51

Help does anyone know of a slim line car seat for aged 4 , we have twins in iso fix baseseither side and are having problem getting a seat to fit in the middle ,
any suggestions would be appreciated

OP posts:
whysolate · 25/07/2011 20:57

I had 3 aged 3 and under. My eldest was in the middle of the two car seats with one of those strap adjusters on the seatbelt so it was the right height. You can get them from halfords. Smile

arfanarf · 25/07/2011 21:00

The Britax Adventure is a narrow high backed booster.

breatheslowly · 25/07/2011 21:05

This might help or be unbelievably expensive. Not sure which.

FlubbaBubba · 25/07/2011 21:07

We have the chicco neptune which is one of hte slimmest we could find.

What car do you have? (We had to change cars in the end).

Also there's the multimac seat thingamy, but they're very, very pricey (but sometimes cheaper than exchanging cars)

sudsie1 · 26/07/2011 09:38

we have a mazda 5 , it has more seats in the rear but we cant fit the twin pram in .....

OP posts:
FlubbaBubba · 26/07/2011 09:49

ooh I feel for you! Have you considered a roof box for the pram? Or a slimmer pram (we used to have the maclaren twin techno which folded down quite slim - which may be useful if the seats in the back fold down individually?)

notfarmingatthemo · 26/07/2011 10:40

I had of those as a rental car, hated it couldn't fit tobi carseat in third row hhb was ok ish wouldn't of wanted her there all the time as it wasn't that good. Try britax adventure, or nania high back or try putting twins next to each other when you have to put them all in the one straped in iether on a base or just seat. isofix only stops you getting it wrong a belt can be just as safe. When it is only one adult and 3 kids put 4 year old in front on a high back booster

TruthSweet · 26/07/2011 17:27

Sudsie - you should be able to fit 3 across no problems then if you have a Mazda 5. We have a Mazda Premacy (the old version of the 5) and got a Britax Two Way Elite, Britax First Class and a Britax Nordic Secura in the back easily. All big seats and all rfing as my eldest was only 3.6y when the youngest was born so all the seats were rfing until DD1 was 4.3 then we switched her seat ffing and then at 5y she went into a high back booster and we bumped DD2 into the TWE and DD3 into the NS.

It may be you need to install the baby buckets with out the bases as the bases can be quite wide. Or you could put the two buckets on one side/middle and the HBB on the other side (preferably the passenger side as they will be the least safe passenger in the car in a HBB).

If you are near Essex you could go to the In Car Safety Centre at Raleigh (01268) 297593 and try out lots of seat combinations.

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