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paulderbyshire · 02/06/2011 12:09

Does anyone know if there is a baby car seat which can be turning into a swing using a door frame, I know Graco make a small swing to attach their baby seat to but I dont have a Graco car seat, mine is maxi cosi so I want a universal fitting swing.

OP posts:
movingsoon · 02/06/2011 15:34

never seen any that use a carseat. Did see someone rig one up with rope and climbing bits but they hooked it onto their half second floor thing they had in their house

sazm · 02/06/2011 17:20

never heard of that before,we had baby swings for our 3,we bought one of the little low down fold up ones and it was fab,not sure why you would want to attach the carseat to one?

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