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Do any of you have an Akta Graco Duologic/Klippan Kiss or a BeSafe Izi Combi?

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aswellasyou · 30/05/2011 13:08

I'm planning on getting one of these as they've passed the Swedish Plus Test. I had discounted the BeSafe as being too big but now I've seen people saying it fits in their small cars so I think it will fit in my Mum's 207 too. She's likely to get a bigger car but it depends whether she has the money at the time. I wouldn't be getting the Isofix version of the BeSafe.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on either of these seats and how big you think they are. It doesn't matter if the front seat has to go all the way forward because we're all quite short in the leg department!Smile

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nicm · 30/05/2011 20:20

hi, i had the kiss car seat as it was the only one to fit in my golf with 2 other seats. it looks a lot smaller than the besafe which is the one i wanted at the time but didn't fit.

i'm looking at the hi-way 2 at the minute for ds2 and it has passed the swedish plus test too and is apparently good in smaller cars-i need to fit 3 in!



seeksnewnamewithgsoh · 01/06/2011 10:27

I have the Besafe, but the Isofix version. I think (but don't quoteme) that the isofix version is slightly bigger, but it just about fits in my Grande Punto, with the passenger seat right the way forward. It means my DH always has to drive, but he can fold himself in if he needs to Grin Luckily I'm a shortarse and can fit in no problem.

I'm really happy with the Besafe. It has a lot of legroom for DD, and it does sit extraordinarily high up for a car seat (in my limited experience) so she has a great view out of the window. And it's just been given a Best Buy by Which, although I can't link as I'm not a member.

aswellasyou · 01/06/2011 11:59

Thanks both. I've just found a full list of cars the BeSafe is compatible with-I have no idea why I didn't look this up beforeHmm-and it fits all the cars I want it to! I've found the non-Isofix for £200 delivered so I'm going to get that instead of paying £300+ for the Duologic/Kiss and spend the rest on clothes. Grin
If anyone reading this is interested this is the list of cars that fit the BeSafe.
Thanks again.

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