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confused - when can I use primo viaggio until and then what?

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yellowflowers · 17/04/2011 18:24

Am confused - when can I use my mamas and papas primo viaggio until - our dd is 4 months old and is starting to seem like she is about to grow out of it. Then what do I get and how long does it last?

OP posts:
nicm · 17/04/2011 20:50

is this the car seat? it says it lasts to 13kgs, after that i would look at a rf seat. we have one for ds1 and my mindee and will get one for ds2 when he grows out of his cabrio fix. have a look on // for more info.


springlambkin · 17/04/2011 20:57

How big is your DD? Mines is almost 10 kilos at 9.5 months (91st centile) and has only just started to look uncomfortable in her primo viaggio.

We moved her into a rearfacing next stage car seat (britax two way elite). It is more common to move them into forward facing seats at the next stage but safer to remain rear facing. The weight limit, as I recally for a forward facing seat is 9 kilos and I think they are better off in an infant carrier til at least 9 months.

When you say she is growing out of it - is her head near the top of the seat? As if their head reaches above the top of the seat that's when they're considered to have outgorwn it.

My primo viaggio had a button on the back of the seat to adjust the strapd upwards to account for their growing height, have you done this since she's been tiny? (genuine question, don't mean to sound patronising!)

yellowflowers · 17/04/2011 21:36

I think she's about 7kg but I didn't know about the strap button at back
so will try that - thank you. It's not that she's too tall but straps too tight so that could be the answer. X

OP posts:
springlambkin · 17/04/2011 21:41

Ah great, that should fix it hopefully

It's a little horizontal bar with a button you push in which then lets you slide the bar up, if that makes any sense! (although I bought mine in 2008 so they may have changed slightly since then).


yellowflowers · 17/04/2011 22:01

hooray found it - thank you so much!

OP posts:
springlambkin · 17/04/2011 22:21

Yeay! x

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