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Britax First Class 0/1

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daisystone · 26/03/2011 12:19

Goddamn car seats. Why is it all so difficult?

DD is 4 months and about 8kg. We have a rear facing newborn seat at the moment but her legs are long and they are beginning to hit the car seat and soon she will have to really bend them so that they fit in.

Just bought the Britax as I thought we could try rearfacing until she reaches the required weight. However, it is massive in my Merc A class and there is very little space to actually place her in it from the kerb. You have to get in the back passenger seat in order to place her in it comfortably.

Does anyone else have one of these and is having the same problem? When did you take the newborn insert out and are you using it rear facing without the insert or did you turn it forward facing when you took out the newborn insert?

It is such a headache.

OP posts:
Iggly · 26/03/2011 12:54

We've got and and started using at a similar age. Kept DS rear facing until he was about 10 months? once he was forwarded facing and the seat was upright it was easier to get him in and out. Before that, we had to watch his head putting him in.

My ILs have a maxi cosi seat (can't remember the name) and it's a lot easier and doesn't feel as big but feels more secure. I'd get one of those next time!

Iggly · 26/03/2011 12:58

Oh and took the insert out around 5 months when DS could sit up.

Loopymumsy · 26/03/2011 17:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

movingsoon · 26/03/2011 23:32

legs being bent is not a problem if her head isn't over the top of the other seat why don't you use that if it is easier.

9kg is the min for going forward but they should be sitting really well and it is much safer to keep the rear facing until at least 13kg

Read the instructions about the insert because you have to move the crouch strap as well I think.

sleeplessinderbyshire · 28/03/2011 13:40

my dd is 19 months and RF in a britax first class. we got it froma friend without the newborn insert in. I agree it takes a bit of getting used to to get child in ovr the seatbelt but it's really sturdy and well made (and actually I think I like it as much as our besafe izi 3)

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