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Do all group one isofixes have a leg?

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CheeseEnforcementAgency · 13/03/2011 11:34

Dh car has storage in the floor & they say not to put the leg on the storage compartments

OP posts:
SecretNutellaFix · 13/03/2011 11:39

It's either that or you'd need a top tether seat option as the car seat/ base had to have 3 anchorage points.

So that would be the 2 isofix points and either the top tether or the stand leg.

On a non-isofix carseat the 3 points would be the seat belt top and bottom and the buckle.

CheeseEnforcementAgency · 13/03/2011 14:52

Ok thanks. The middle seat doesn't have underfloor storage so will see about using that one

OP posts:
movingsoon · 13/03/2011 18:09

the britax duo is semi universal and doesn't have a leg in some cars it does need to have a tether strap difficult to attach properly easier to carry than on with a leg. It goes in most cars with issofix as it is often the one they use for the ncap tests

CheeseEnforcementAgency · 13/03/2011 18:12

Is that rear facing?

Can't do the britax site on my phone but will check it in my laptop next time I'm on.

OP posts:
Carseatcrazy · 14/03/2011 21:16

I think you might be thinking of the Britax Two Way Elite- £199 or thereabouts from the ladies in essex, doesn't need a foot prop, is tethered to the front seats, is very light weight and rearfaces up to 6 (so v v safe for the crucial recommended rearfacing years up to at least 4 :) )

CheeseEnforcementAgency · 15/03/2011 09:22

Yeah that's the one. No where up here selling them so we can see so far. Got a couple of months yet (hopefully) but trying to be prepared.

OP posts:
mybootsaremuddy · 15/03/2011 14:42

The TWE is non isofix. You fit it with the seat belt and tether straps. Fantastic seat though, friend has one and we will be getting one if when ds gets heavy enough.Smile

CheeseEnforcementAgency · 15/03/2011 17:31

Ah ok, that makes it more difficult for swapping cars reliably

OP posts:
lenats31 · 22/03/2011 12:30

Just get a second set of tether straps and fill those rooms with phonebooks, EPE foam, reinforce the lids. I have this from someone in Sweden who has been in the business for about 35 years - making, testing and selling car seats.


Carseatcrazy · 01/04/2011 22:56

My understanding is that the britax TWE is very easy to reliably fit and swap between cars (I have a besafe and Kiss), and if you're comparing this to the safety of forward facing seats, there is no comparison - Rearfacing up to 4 or longer has been demonstrated to be 5 times safer. There are several rearfacing isofix seats as well which are really easy to fit, but at the moment these all have footprops.

If I was comparing the TWE to a forward facing isofix seat, there would be no comparison in terms of safety :) Hope that helps :)

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