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Group 1-2-3 for tallish 2 year old

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liamsdaddy · 02/03/2011 14:16

My DS is now 23 months, currently we are using a Britax First Class Plus car seat.

Although he is only 14kg (the seat limit is 18 kg) his body length is quite long and we are getting near the point where the shoulder straps are below shoulder height. The top of his head is about an inch from the top of the seat. Because we want to keep him in a 5 point harness for as long as possible, we are looking at group 1-2-3 seats. The obvious one that pops out is the Britax Evolva.

The one thing I wonder is if the 5-point harness in that will actually cater for a taller child then his current seat. Does anyone else have a group 1-2-3 seat, and if so, how long did you manage to keep your child in the 5-point harness?

We are going to have to get a new seat sooner or later; on his current growth curve he will exceed the weight limit by his 3rd birthday!

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 02/03/2011 21:39

ds stayed in the harness till he was 18kgs and was just under the age of 3. You can't use the harness in the 1-2-3 afer 18kgs and have to switch to the adult seatbelt

Edd1e · 04/03/2011 22:08

Britax Frontier 85

Edd1e · 04/03/2011 22:24


Unit price £130 - £150.00
Delivery from USA £42.00 - £97.00
Import duty £26.00 - £56.00
See 'YouTube', Google etc.

Buy some of the rubbish that we're palmed off with in this country purely because it passes UK tests... Just.
Wouldn't it be nice to surpass test requirements.

sazm · 05/03/2011 11:11

we had the evolva 1-2-3 for our dd and were very pleased with it,the harness goes up higher on it than 'normal' 9m-4y seats.
only thing i didnt like so much was its a bit of a pain to fit,needs a long seatbelt also. fine if your carseat stays in the one car (we move ours at least once a week)
we got rid of ours as we needed to fit in 3 carseats and found the evolva VERY wide.
we are having the same problem atm with our 2yo,he is in an eclipse and his straps are on the highest setting.
we are thinking of getting the recaro young sport,as its narrower and looks much easier to fit than the evolva.

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