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2yr old that can unbuckle a Britax Evolva - Help needed for picking a new seat he cannot escape

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AllieBongo · 21/02/2011 16:07

I need help. My ds was 2 in December and can press the red button down and climb out of the seat. Can anyone recommend a seat that will keep him in? I called Britax and they woman I spoke to said that they are designed to keep them safe during impact, but not to keep them in, which is pretty pointless if he climbs out of the bloody thing :(

OP posts:
AllieBongo · 21/02/2011 17:28

Anyone, I haven't been on here for years, but I need some help!

OP posts:
sazm · 21/02/2011 17:38

what about one of the ones with the impact cushion,
kiddy comfort,cybex pallas,mamas and papas do one too,cant remember the name though!

JuneMummy · 22/02/2011 14:20

the mamas and papas one is the cybex pallas. I would recommend these too as they are meant to be impossible for children to escape. There is a video on youtube of the Kiddy infinity pro.

JuneMummy · 22/02/2011 14:23

also i think you can buy a buckle guard or a chest clip if you wanted to try that first? would save you having to but a whole new seat

IsItMeOr · 22/02/2011 14:26

We have the kiddy infinity pro, and as it fastens with the regular seat belt buckle, it's pretty much impossible for them to escape.

Scores well in the crash tests too.

sazm · 22/02/2011 14:41

june mummy - mamas and papas did have another one - soloution x - with impact cushion,but it seems to be discontinued,ahich is a shame as it was only £80!!

ColdHeartedBitch · 22/02/2011 14:45

We just turned all the straps around so that the button was in the inside. ds worked out you press the button to release. We also kept the straps very tight with no wiggle room.

The chest strap thingies were pulled at one point because of H&S concerns post impact, in terms of release of child. Have they been reinstated? good. Sensible idea that would have made my life easier. Although turning the straps around solved our problem.

sazm · 22/02/2011 14:49

coldheatedbitch- the straps shouldnt be twisted though,as that can lead to them not working properly in an accident, - just the same as making sure you dont twist the belt when installing a carseat x

ColdHeartedBitch · 22/02/2011 14:58

We didnt twist the straps. His was a 5 point harness which had to be removed when you removed the covers to wash. We just put them back so it was back to front iyswim. No twist at all.

sazm · 22/02/2011 18:24

hardly passive agressive!
the point is,its safety tested the way its designed,whats the point buying a decent seat then doing something to it,which may compromise its safety!?

ColdHeartedBitch · 22/02/2011 20:17

but whether the seat belt is one way up or the other the only difference the manufactures and police (i spoke to both) saw was that it would be harder for releasing ds in the event of an accident. Keeping him in his car seat was the highest priority. especially as we cover about 20,000miles in the car each year.

The passive aggressive was referring to the totally unnecessary x at the end of the post that came across as condensending and as if i didnt know how to achieve a result in the best interests for ds.

x and hunning devalues the quality of a post. turns sense into mush and condensending.

sazm · 22/02/2011 20:37

it was a simple piece of information!
some people have no idea that twisting the straps could cause the carseat to fail in an accident.just the same as people havent heard of buckle crunch or that all seats dont fit in all cars!

TBH if an 'x' at the end of a post upsets you that much you really need to get a grip!

ColdHeartedBitch · 22/02/2011 20:42

Mweh words on a screen. But you could have just made it a general please note type post rather then poster specific.

sazm · 22/02/2011 20:55

yep,its words on a screen,seriously - u need to chill!

happypotter · 22/02/2011 21:00

We live in the US now and have got a Britax seat with a five point harness which has chest clip as part of the design. Are you able to get hold of one in the UK?

Oblomov · 22/02/2011 21:20

My 2.4 yr old ds2 has just started to undo his seatbelt. Never had this with ds1. Not quite sure what to do.

SecretNutellaFix · 22/02/2011 21:21

chest clips are illegal in the uk.

CiderhouseBob · 22/02/2011 21:23

Another vote for Kiddy.

We have the comfort pro. It was a faff to fit initially but now I have a system, and it's fine.

Bit ££ though.

AllieBongo · 22/02/2011 21:23

Oooh thanks for your comments, I didn't mean to cause a fracas! I have strapped him into sone seats today, couldn't find any in John Lewis with the impact cushion to try. He couldnt escape from the recaro as the button was different. I'm so disappointed in Britax though

OP posts:
CiderhouseBob · 22/02/2011 21:23

Nice to see you Allie, btw!! Smile Where you been!

AllieBongo · 22/02/2011 21:29

(whispers) I crossed over to Facebook! No one else remembers me so I get ignored now :( plus I don't have my cushy evening job anymore. I have acquired an I phone so there are no fights over the laptop any more. I've causes a kerfuffle already !

OP posts:
CiderhouseBob · 22/02/2011 21:38

I know the feeling, I namechange about once a week so I get ignored too Smile

I remember you though, if it is any comfort!

AllieBongo · 22/02/2011 22:12

Aw thanks :) I miss all the goings on.

OP posts:
IsItMeOr · 22/02/2011 22:35

Are you South London? BabyNest near Purley Way Croydon are very helpful, and had the Kiddy ones on display when we were looking around.

We're really pleased with our Kiddy one, as it is so easy to use and change into another car.

ColdHeartedBitch · 22/02/2011 23:30

Nah allie you didnt cause a keffule with this thread.

hope you can find a seat that works for you.

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