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Recessed Seat Belt buckles - hard to do up

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jamaisjedors · 04/02/2011 19:00

Any solutions?

The seatbelt buckles in one of our cars (Peugeot Teepee) are kind of set into the seat which means it is impossible for the DC to strap themselves in.

Is there anything which extends the buckle (and is safe) to avoid this?


OP posts:
castleonthehill · 04/02/2011 20:58

I Think they will just have to learn to do them. How old is dc? You could try swapping the seat the the other side of the car. Doing a seat belt up is very tricky. If it is the type on a length of belt they have to use one hand to hold it and then the other to pull the strap across them to it very difficult. The type that I think you have is the easiest as they can use both hands to pull the belt across them. So it is just getting it lined up and pushing it in (also tricky). I use the hold the belt for mine so they could use both hands to sort the buckle out.

Good luck

jamaisjedors · 05/02/2011 09:34

Thanks. DS1 is 6 and DS2 is 4.

DS1 can do his up no problem in my car (the seat buckles stick out more) and they can both undo themselves but it is really tricky to do the seat belts up due to the buckle being flush with the seat.

OP posts:
sazm · 05/02/2011 14:41

TBH i wouldnt see it as a major problem,i dont let me 2 ( 6yo and 4yo) do theirs up as they cant tighten them properly,and probably wouldnt notice if the belt was twisted,far easier to spend about 30seconds doing their belts up and know they are done properly :)

jamaisjedors · 05/02/2011 17:16

Yes but having to get into the car itself and grope around trying to shove the seat belt in is a pain when it's several times a day.

I have ordered some seat-belt extenders, I will see whether they help.

OP posts:
sazm · 05/02/2011 18:20

hmm,my mums focus' belts are the same,sunken into the seat but i didnt find it a major pain,just took a few more seconds to do up,

is the car a 3 door?
are your carseats quite wide?
do they sit over the top of the seatbelt clips?

jamaisjedors · 06/02/2011 14:07

No, actually the car has sliding doors so it's quite easy to get in, but I do actually physically have to get into the car (both sides) and press really really hard to get the belts in.

The carseats do come to the edge of the clips, we have 4 different ones (2 in each car) and they all do.

OP posts:
sazm · 06/02/2011 17:46

ah right,with the focus its a 4 door but you just lean over to do them up,which is no prob at all.
i can see it being PITA having to get in the car each time,

dont know how the extender thingys work,i take it they are safety tested for using with carseats??

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