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RF help for small 17 month old please

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sleeplessinderbyshire · 16/01/2011 22:37

sorry to ask yet another question on car seats.

DD aged 17 months has a be safe izi combi isofix in my car and is still (just) in the cabriofix in my husband's car. I want to keep her rear facing as long as possible but will struggle to find another £300 for a besafe and also want a seat for our campervan which doesn't have isofix. Was thinking about britax two way elite but then have seen stuff about britax first class plus which says RF to 13kg and only costs about £100. DD is 17 months and 2nd centile for weight and height meaning she's well under the 9kg needed for the TWE (or any forward facing seats)

Anyone have experience of the first class plus seat? would it work in my situation? i know the maxicosi cabriofix says upto 12kg but she's only an inch from the top so I think we'll probably only get another 1-2 months out of it (according to the growth charts she'll hit 9kg at 23 months so I think will be inder 13kg til she's about 3!)

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pozzled · 16/01/2011 22:44

We have the Britax first class plus and still use it RF for DD who is 2y5m. She's just under 12kg at the moment and we'll keep it RF until she gets to 13kg.

I would recommend it, it's really easy to fit (we don't have our own car so don't have the option of leaving it fitted) and it seems pretty comfortable for DD. The only thing is that as she's getting taller she has to bend her legs but I think that's true of most RF seats.

castleonthehill · 17/01/2011 08:30

your maxi cosy is upto 13kg if that helps. Friend has a first class as long as it goes in your car it prob be a good option

Loopymumsy · 17/01/2011 20:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ramblingmum · 17/01/2011 21:19

I got the Britax first class for dd2 when she was about 18months. She is also small and was still well with in the weight for here infant carrier, but she didnt look comftable in it.
She seems quite happy in the first class, but postition of the seatbelt does make getting her in a bit of a sqeaze. The gap between the seetbelt and the top of the door is quite small when it is rear facing. I hope that makes some sence. I do have it in quite a small, but high car ( suzuki wagon R )

sleeplessinderbyshire · 17/01/2011 22:19

oops, we were given a car seat by a friend which I'd discounted using (barely used no accidents etc) because it was FF but on gettoing it out it is a britax first class (numpty mummy me) so going to try it in the car soon. Belted besafe too big to fit in campervan or we'd have tried it

OP posts:
lenats31 · 20/01/2011 19:01

I´d suggest the KISS (Akta Graco Duologic) which can be installed with isofix and with seatbelt. It´s rearfacing to 18 kg. this seat fits in small cars.


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