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seat belt length and cybex pallas

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reallywoundup · 31/12/2010 23:59

right, i'm looking at the pallas for dd, but i seem to have short belts, (Isuzu Trooper) the evolva just will not fit even after a fight, the belt's about 2cm away from the buckle. I can get a tobi in (again with one hell of a fight and the air turning blue)

Should i dismiss the pallas from the off or continue with the quest? (btw it is a 100 mile round trip to see if one fits, not really possible, but i was going to order online and return if absolutely nescessary, but don't want to attempt it if it's clear that it just isn't going to go iyswim)

OP posts:
raindroprhyme · 01/01/2011 09:52

i would say it wouldn't fit. You need alot of seatbelt.
we have one as our spare seat for grandparents cars etc and it has to go in the front seat of the GD's Jeep Cherokee as the seatbelts are ridiculously short in teh back.
You can get longer seatbelts fitted this shouldn't cost more than 50 quid.

reallywoundup · 01/01/2011 11:01

bugger, is anyone willing to measure how much seatbelt it needs iyswim? i'm thinking it's not going to be possible to fit it in the back seat of my car Sad

OP posts:
sazm · 01/01/2011 16:38

check that the website you order from will let you return it if it doesnt fit.a lot o them dont allow returns on carseats unless they are faulty.

do you have any babyshops closer than 100 miles who may have one?

JoJoMam · 01/01/2011 20:33

I posted on here last week about this, I went to try the Cybex Pallas in my car and it didn't fit. It needs quite a long seat belt to fit it in and in our car the seatbelt was long enough to fit just the Pallas seat but not long enough to fit if DD was actually in the seat (because of how the belt goes around the seat and child).

I have an old Ford Focus and have found seat belt length a problem, its very annoying!

sazm · 02/01/2011 11:00

my mum had a focus and i found that too,i could just squeeze a maxi-cosi cabrio in,

so in theory if a maxi-cosi cabrio fits in your car with a bit spare belt,then the cybex should fit????

if its a struggle to get the belt round a cabrio then the cybex wont fit.

JoJoMam · 02/01/2011 19:35

I have the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and it fits, there isn't much belt spare but it fits.

There was no way I could have bought the Cybex Pallas though. The seat itself fitted but even my skinny 2 yr old couldn't have sat in it, well, not and breathed at the same time! There would be no way a bigger/older child could have sat in it.

sazm · 02/01/2011 21:15

yup so it prob wont fit the isuzu either,

just thinking i had an evolva 1-2-3 in my car and it just fit (with no spare belt at all) but my cabrio fit fine.
so if the evolva doesnt fit the isuzu then the cybex wont fit either as it must be bigger?

JoJoMam · 02/01/2011 21:47

Sazm I'm too tired to follow your train of thought Wink but I think the upshot is the same. I reckon the Cybex Pallas probably won't fit, I wouldn't bother with a trip to investigate reallywoundup. I'm in the same boat, still trying to decide what seat I'm going to get after the Cybex was too big.

sazm · 02/01/2011 22:01

what about the recaro?it doesnt need such a long seatbelt as the evolva?

wonka · 02/01/2011 22:21

What about using one of these

JoJoMam · 02/01/2011 22:57

Wonka I would be worried about using one of the belt extenders because of buckle crunch, when the buckle of the three-point seat belt is resting against the frame of the child car seat. In a crash the buckle might break or snap causing the child car seat to come loose.

I think with most car seats the frame of the chair would be resting against the buckle of that belt extender so I don't think it would be too safe.

JoJoMam · 02/01/2011 22:58

Plus, if you read down that ebay listing it says not suitable for an Isuzu Trooper, sods law!

reallywoundup · 02/01/2011 23:38

Thanks all, I've given up on the Pallas, no way could I get the cabrio in, I struggle with the tobi, fecking seat belts... I have just whinged at dh and told him that he NEEDS to buy me a new land cruiser so that I can get dd a super safe car seat Grin I don't rate my chances tbh!!

OP posts:
droves · 02/01/2011 23:50

what about a kiddycare pro ? . very similar to cybex pallas but , i think it doesnt have the recline the pallas does so isnt as high .
it uses the cushion restraint too

droves · 02/01/2011 23:54
droves · 02/01/2011 23:56
droves · 02/01/2011 23:57

give up its called kiddy Infinity pro carseat.

droves · 02/01/2011 23:59

droves · 03/01/2011 00:00
droves · 03/01/2011 00:01

yay it works

droves · 03/01/2011 00:06

theres another one called a kiddi energy pro.

bit more expensive at £169.

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