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Maxi Cosi Rodi XR - Free moving seat back??

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StantonLacy · 26/11/2010 18:48

Right, rubbish title I know AND I am probably being a bit thick, but please bear with me!

We have just had a new Maxi Cosi Rodi XR seat delivered and once it was out of the box and standing on carpet I noticed that the back of the seat freely moves backwards and forwards with no kind of restriction, if that makes sense?
I know that there has to be some movement in order to fit it into the car correctly, but...I think what I mean is that if you recline a pushchair etc theres aways a reassuring "click" once you've reached the correct point IYSWIM ? But with this it just moves freely, is this normal in your experience, fellow owners?

The main reason I am asking is that it was delivered by Home Delivery Network..when the box was opened someone elses delivery of a exceedingly heavy golf cart battery was there on the seat. So, basically I'm just worried that the weight of this other package could have damaged the seat hence the free movement of the backrest...

I would be so grateful of someone could reassure me that this sounds normal so I don't have to go through the rigmarole of a HDN complaint!!!

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LIZS · 27/11/2010 13:23

Ours (an xp iirc) does move so that it rests on the seat back without a click. The seatbelt guide and weight of child means it stays in palce.

StantonLacy · 27/11/2010 19:13

Thanks so much LIZS !
We went into mothercare today, just to double check what the display one looked like and now after your reply as well, we are suitably reassured!
Think I was just worried about it being damaged after the HDN error.
Thanks again, I do appreciate it Smile

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