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AIBU about car seats in grandad's car?

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halfapoundoftreacle · 15/11/2010 14:02

Recently my FIL took my two DCs out for the day with their cousin.

In the back of the car he put our two Britax adventure car seats and then put a plain backless booster seat in the front.

The children are 5, 6 and 7, all around the same height and build. 5yo is tall for his age, 7yo is short for his age.

I was informed after the trip that the two eldest took turns to sit in the front seat on the backless booster seat. On the way home the 6yo fell asleep and his head was lolling around.

When I found out I was really cross but because they are IL not my parents I felt I had to tone down my reaction.

My gripe was that they could have all fitted in the back seat; they were travelling a long distance on a motorway and the car has airbags and I don't know if FIL knows about putting the front seat as far back as possible. And since then I've read that a booster isn't great behind the passenger seat when it's moved right back as the child has more chance of colliding with the seat.

Was I unreasonable to get cross? I know that they love their GC very much and would never intentionally harm them. I feel so awkward and ungrateful but at the same time I want to protect my kids - driving is a lot different to when we used to all pile in the back seat as kids and have no seatbelts at all.

OP posts:
Suda · 15/11/2010 15:47

Hi Halfapound - it is such an awkward one - but your kids safety must come first before anyones feelings. I'm a bit of a stickler i must admit and am known as APITA about this subject - but more with adults really.

I am the least assertive person I know but I will not even start my engine until everybody back and front is correctly belted in. I find once people know this they tend to just go along with it - for a quiet life.

I get a lot of 'Oh FGS etc etc and 'Can we go - today please' and all that but NO -will not budge on it.

If it helps - make a joke of it - send yourself up about it - ' Oh I know Im a pain but I really fret if theyre not in the back/ I always insist - even when DH is driving.

Or - no matter how good a driver you are - and you are dear F-I-L - you never know what idiots coming other way.

If all else fails you could always tell him its illegal or Road Safety experts advice against it - car manufacturers and or insurance companies recommend against it - that sort of line.

One more suggestion !! - sorry. Could you just not quietly ask your F-I-L or get your DH to - might be more politically friendly from family !- to please could he not sit x y or z in the front in case he goes asleep as he had a really stiff neck last time and you think it might be that.

Suda · 15/11/2010 15:50

Sorry reading my post sounds like I dont bother about the kids Confused - its not that - what I meant was I dont usually have kids in my car so not an issue with me - its usually adults.

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