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Car seat base question

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CherylAnnTweedy · 24/10/2010 14:12

Hi, when a car seat is on a base do you still use the level indicator or just use your eye?

The car we have doesn't have long enough seatbelts for our car seat so we need a base. The Graco website confirms that it can be used in our car and when trying the base out the level indicator shows all blue, although the car seat does look quite upright. However we've been told that the level indicator is not used when on a base as it's not accurate and that the seat is too upright.

The seat is a lot more upright than it would be if not on a base, but as I say no orange is showing so surely is safe? Otherwise what is the point of the level indicator anyway?

I'm waiting for Graco to get back to me to confirm that you do still use the level indicator when on a base but I'm impatient Grin and looking for advice or experience from people who have actually used one.


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