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Sunshine kids Radian 80 - any UK suppliers?

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IwishIwasmoreorganised · 22/10/2010 21:17

After receiving a tip on another thread, it appears that this car seat is what we need for our heavy weight DS2!

I am unable to find any UK suppliers though.

Can anybody help?

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 22/10/2010 21:19

i don't think you can get it over here.

there are rear-facing seats you can get tho, with a higher weight limit if that's what you need?

lenats31 · 22/10/2010 21:24

That´s because it is a S car seat that is tested to a different standard. It does not meet the ECE R 44/04 standard. So technically you can use the seat, but legaly you cannot. That´s why you can´t find a retailer that stocks this seat.

IwishIwasmoreorganised · 22/10/2010 21:54

Thanks both.

I'm after a seat with a 5 point harness suitable for 18kgs +.

I've found a Britax one, but the side protection doesn't look very deep. Also, I can't find any local suppliers to try it in our cars (South Wales).

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 23/10/2010 08:12

yeah we have that one. the britax 2 way elite. i think the side protection is fine, it just looks "flat" because it's wide.
i've read that the "wings" on it are the same depth as those on the besafe izi combi which looks much better (but is only good up to 18kg)

TruthSweet · 23/10/2010 11:36

Sorry it's a US only seat but it is fabulous Grin. A nanny on a US car seat board had triplets rear facing 3 across in Radians in a fairly small car so it's very narrow. Though I think I mean to bang on mention about the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL as this is slightly narrower and rear faces to 45lbs not 40lbs like the 80. Oops! But look at the pretty seat strokes seat lovingly. It's around $300 (£190) so comparable with a TWE.

We have the Britax TWE and yes the 'wings' do look shallow but they aren't really. It does harness to 25kg (which is 55lbs so not 80lbs like the Radian) but it's the best you will get unless you import a Radian and hope you don't get stopped by police (though I sincerely doubt they would check the car seat).

thisisyesterday · 23/10/2010 12:00

bet the shipping would be a lot tho as well!

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