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Aaargh! So Confused!

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CupcakesHay · 23/08/2010 18:04

Can anyone help me feel less confused? Have read threads, and stuff online...

basically - live abroad with DH's job, planning to have baby in Uk at parents, and then fly back after 6-8 weeks, and then we're leaving here after 2 years so be back in UK.

SO..... my mum has astra, I have clio in Uk and back here we have big giant 4x4 ford explorer. Not planning to drive around that much in uk - probably more here. Happy to move baby from car seat into house - so can leave car seat in car IYSWIM.

HELP! Do i go for 0-12 months and then 12 months+ or a 0-4years combi? Have read good reviews about combis, but are they that unsafe? Also don't want to spend a fortune!

Sorry - long post - just very very Confused!

Thanks for any advice!!!

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castleonthehill · 23/08/2010 19:16

where do you live? If you are in Europe you will be able to use the same seat in both places so I would buy one where you are so you can make sure its fits. If you don't like in Europe unless you like in NZ you will need to buy two seats anyway. suggest a cheap 0-12 mths seat for when you have the baby your mum may even be able to borrow one from a close friend and then o- 4 from where you live bring it back to the uk to use for a few days until you can buy a legal one.( when you come back for good. There are some really good seats some group one seat are very light to move around so you could easily move to grandparents car when you get back. also new seat are coming out all the time so in two years time there may be a better one for when you are over here living.

CupcakesHay · 24/08/2010 09:06

I'm in syria - so I want to buy one in UK as I know I can trust it'll be ok.... i was just oplanning to bring whatever car seat/seats I get back on the plane....

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