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Booster seats/cushions that can be used with a lap belt?

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GladioliBuckets · 19/08/2010 09:07

Does anyone know of one that fits a lapbelt officially?
We have a 7 seater and the middle 2 seats can spin to face rearward but only with lapbelt (in that position.) Currently all 3 kids are forward facing but I'd like to have one facing the others eventually (youngest is 15Kg, oldest is only 120cm).

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
castleonthehill · 19/08/2010 09:39

Their aren't any. If you look at your car seat instructions they have to by used the direction they are designed. Not sure which is safer forward facing on a high back booster installed with lap and diagonal or rearward only with a lap belt. Does it have an issofix anchorage point on the pack of the seat if it does you may be able to get one of these It hooks on the issofix anchorage point you could then thread it though a high back booster. Someone use to make one far the uk market might find one on ebay. I think they don't make it as most cars have a full seat belt now.

sazm · 20/08/2010 15:29

high backed boosters can only be used with a 3 point belt,
TBH i dont see the point of those seats swiveling?
a lapbelt simply isnt safe,thats why newer cars now have 3 x 3 point belts in the back,so i wouldnt use the seats facing rearwards.

GladioliBuckets · 20/08/2010 15:50

LOL yeah it is 17yrs old!

OP posts:
sazm · 20/08/2010 15:58

its madness,when we were trying to find a car with 3 x 3point belts it was such a mission as there are so many which have a lapbelt even up to a 54/55 plate,yet some have 3 point belts from a n/p reg!

could you not put all 3 in the back row,so they can chat?

BubbaAndBump · 25/08/2010 13:12

Any advance on this anyone? We have a toyota prius 2005 model, and it only has a lap belt in the middle. Can't believe there's nothing we can do with what we've got (unless we give one of the children away? Hmm)

nicm · 25/08/2010 14:03

no, no booster seats work with lap only belts. you can get some group 1 seats but not 2/3! you used to be able to get a cushion to go over the child to use with a lap belt-i had one, a romer vario but they are longer sold. Confused


BubbaAndBump · 25/08/2010 14:05

Oh bloomin' eck, that's just bizarre. I think I will have to sell a child (or my DH) :o. Thanks for getting back to me.

sazm · 25/08/2010 16:57

bubba, theres group 1 seats (9m-4y) seats that can be used with a lapbelt,if thats any help to you?

BubbaAndBump · 25/08/2010 18:58

Thanks sazm, I found that from Britax you can get Group 1 seats (Eclipse and Prince if anyone else is interested).

Worse (or better?) is that I also posted on Toyota blog (geek alert) and some bloke called Brian informed me my car has a 3-point harness in the middle Blush Blush. You'd have thought I'd have checked that myself!! Confused Trying to blame the pregnant brain for that one Hmm

BubbaAndBump · 25/08/2010 19:03

And neither Graco nor Maxi-Cosi make any kind of seat with just a lap-seat belt.

BertieBotts · 25/08/2010 19:29

The Kiddy Infinity Pro is safe to use rear facing in a car with inbuilt rear facing seats, it says so in the instruction manual. I'm not sure if the comfort pro (same but converts to a high backed booster) would too. You can use it with the impact shield until 18kg too.

Can't remember offhand if it fits with a lap belt, but I strongly suspect that it might. I'm sure if you phoned their helpline, someone would know. I think that they have some English speaking people available if you don't speak German.

BertieBotts · 25/08/2010 19:34

Here - looks like they have a UK helpline. 0800 7474 1700

From the website

yerkip · 25/08/2010 20:40

I've got a 20yr old vw camper and it only has lap belts in the back, i am desperate to get a booster seat for my 4 yr old as my van is part of our lives. Has anyone had experience with older vans/cars. Have tried getting 3 point seat belts put in but have been told it cannot be done! HELP!

castleonthehill · 25/08/2010 21:40

Yerkip if you look at my post above you could get one sent to you and put a bolt in the back of your car you just wouldn't want to do it to a new car that is what they do in Nz. Very specific instructions You can prob look at them online.

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