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Rearfacing v Kiddy

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EthelredOnAGoodDay · 03/08/2010 20:38


I am currenty trying to decide which carseat to get next for DD (nearly 8 months). I have seen the threads on here relating to rearfacing being safest. However, i have also seen the high rating that the Kiddy seats attract and also recall seeing some info suggesting that the Kiddy seats are as safe as the rearfacing seats because they don't have the harness and also because they offer greater protection in side-on collisions...

Can anyone tell me whether this is correct or whether it is just marketing hype.

Plus if the Kiddy does measure up to the hype, i have another query...I live in York and our nearest stockist of the Kiddy seats only sells the Kiddy Energy Pro which isn't memntioned on the review pages here on MN(the one on the review pages here is the Kiddy comfort pro).

can anyone help pls!

OP posts:
MixedNutPlate · 03/08/2010 20:42

Personally the downside to Kiddy v rearfacing is the lack of recline and at 8m i am guessing your DD sleeps in the car.

overthehillsandfaraway · 03/08/2010 20:48

It does recline - you adjust before you put child in. LOVE our kiddy - you can get infinity delivered off ebay for about £130

thisisyesterday · 03/08/2010 20:52

kiddy seats are NOT as safe as rear-facing seats

i wouldn't like to comment on whether they are safer than harnessed FF seats, but I have heard it said

if i were you i would go rearfacing. no question about it

EthelredOnAGoodDay · 03/08/2010 20:54

Thanks for those comments. DD does generally sleep in the car, but sometimes she likes to have a good nosey around! Can anyone help on the safety aspects pls?

OP posts:
Carseatcrazy · 03/08/2010 21:09

I would 100% echo thisisyesterday. if you watch the crash tests and look at the stats and the info the kiddy system does not even come close in terms of safety.

The idea with the kiddy is that the forces are spread out down your little one's neck as their head is flung forward in a crash.

Given the choice I'd rather their head didn't fling forward at all, but all the forces are nicely cushioned by the back of the seat- which is what happens with rearfacing.

In terms of side impact, rearfacing seats are tested to the same / higher standards than the kiddy - again I'd go RF

You can get one for £180, so about a tank of fuel more than the kiddy you are looking at

hope this helps

EsmeWeatherwax · 03/08/2010 21:16

I dilemma-ed over this for months, and finally went with a rear facing seat for dd2. (Didn't have a clue about all this stuff for dd1.) Every single bit of research I read pointed to rear facing seats being safer, apart from Which, so thats what I went for. Got a Britax two way elite for about £180, think its the best investment ever! I feel that dd2 is totally safe and protected in it, and furthermore, she seems happy, comfortable, has plenty of room, and can see out the window to nosey about. I keep an eye on her with a mirror strapped to the back headrest. Would never go any other way than rearfacing now!

TruthSweet · 03/08/2010 21:17

The safety aspect is really a physics aspect. No matter how the child is restrained in a forward facing car seat their head will still move in the same way (I mean bolster v. 5 point. The main protective effect of rear facing is to the spinal cord/column. Please read Joel's Journey.


EthelredOnAGoodDay · 03/08/2010 21:19

Thanks very much for those comments, they are really helpful. As far as i can see, there don't appear to be any rear-facing seats on the review page...sooooo, which is the best one/the one available for £180!!
Sorry for all the questions.

OP posts:
Carseatcrazy · 04/08/2010 09:42

There are a few on the review page, but I agree we need more reviews up there- see my other thread- anyone with RF seats- please do a quick review of your seat- it will so help other parents..

I think the best advice is to find the seat that fits your car the best- have a look at for some reviews from lots of people. Also the ladies from the centre in essex (sorry can't remember their site's name- can anyone help?) will probably be really good to help you.

The most popular ones seem to be

Britax Two way elite- lightweight and easy to move between cars, require tether straps and fitted with seatbelts- V good value (£180 from the ladies in essex)

Besafe Izi combi (either isofix version that doesn't require tether straps, or belt fitted version that does require tethers, heavier, but solid as a rock and passed the v strict Swdeish Plus test)- but more expensive

KISS - Klippan Isofix safety system, also called the Atka Graco duologic II - isofix of belt fitted, doesn't need tether straps, and is one of the three seats to have passed the swedish plus test)-again slightly more expensive than the TWE

There are a few others, but these tend to be the most popular.

What we need is a seperate section in the reviews for rearfacing seats - I'll talk to the mumsnet moderators about this fingers crossed they'll listen to us

Carseatcrazy · 04/08/2010 09:43

ps- there are reviews on the britax and besafe seats on the review pages on mumsnet, but you'll need to look hard!! some of them are also on the birth-9 months section annoyingly

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