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High back booster that stops head falling forward/sideways when asleep

9 replies

suiledonne · 28/07/2010 09:46

Does one exist? We have a Graco one which is fine for short journeys but dd1 tends to fall asleep on longer trips and I hate when her head lolls around - looks uncomfortable and unsafe.


OP posts:
castleonthehill · 28/07/2010 12:02

we have a bitax kidfix and heads don't fall forward when the child falls asleep

Bramshott · 28/07/2010 12:22

We have that problem with our Maxi Cosi Rodi and so DD1 just uses a blow up neck pillow for longer journeys if she wants to go to sleep. It works well once they are getting a bit taller so the headrest is higher.

MumNWLondon · 02/08/2010 12:59

yes we have cybex head never falls forward.

79parrott · 02/08/2010 22:04

Hi we had a graco also hate them cause of the same problem and also when I took the cover off there is no protection so now I have a 2 recaro monza and the kids heads never fall forward.. there is a pump up head rest on them love love love them worth the money..

mumbar · 02/08/2010 22:14

yeah the britax one is great it kinda has a collar head rest that childs head sits within. Its great but my ds found it too inhibiting and he has the graco depends of the child I think.

glittery · 02/08/2010 22:19

would something like this be any use?

mumbar · 02/08/2010 22:48

dont know why glittery but that link just sent my computer crazy - liked the product tho.

Any others had problems with the link?

glittery · 03/08/2010 16:54

eek sorry!

thisisyesterday · 03/08/2010 16:55

we have the britax adventure and it's great.

the evolva 1-2-3 is same design if you want a harnessed one

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