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Which breast pump would you recommend to new mums?

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TinaMumsnet · 22/10/2018 09:21

We're making plans to test and review new breast pumps and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

Choosing the right breast pump is a very personal decision. But there are so many options to choose from it can be hard to know which one might work for you.

If you've used a great breast pump in the last two years, we want to hear about it! Tell us which one you loved and why you loved it. Your comments will help us to create a shortlist of breast pumps to test and recommend to new parents.



Hi all,

Thanks for your recommendations. After three months of testing we've found the Ardo Calypso Double Plus to be the best value breast pump for most families.

See our round up of the top 10 best breast pumps for more great recommendations.

Hope that helps!


OP posts:
NathalieM · 12/11/2018 18:43

I agree with Suzysleep and GummyGoddess! My friend is using the Haakaa breast pump she got from a place called Inhealth. It can also come with a super cute flower stopper - It's not electric but she loves it as it is super easy to use.

josiemaybabbies · 26/04/2021 10:48

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MariaGR · 15/06/2021 10:53

When I've been using a breast pump, I had two of them, different models, but most of the time - I preferred to use Bellababy, because of it's built-in features, easy to use and it's increased hygiene and easy storage for the milk. Long story short, you can simply read this Bellababy Breast Pump review to understand the basic pros of this exact model, and why it's way better than some other breast pump models.

Joysa · 24/08/2021 16:53

I am using Joysa brand breast pump. Nothing to rave about it and also nothing to complain against it too.

Desirey · 16/09/2021 13:07


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