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Which breast pump would you recommend to new mums?

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TinaMumsnet · 22/10/2018 09:21

We're making plans to test and review new breast pumps and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

Choosing the right breast pump is a very personal decision. But there are so many options to choose from it can be hard to know which one might work for you.

If you've used a great breast pump in the last two years, we want to hear about it! Tell us which one you loved and why you loved it. Your comments will help us to create a shortlist of breast pumps to test and recommend to new parents.



Hi all,

Thanks for your recommendations. After three months of testing we've found the Ardo Calypso Double Plus to be the best value breast pump for most families.

See our round up of the top 10 best breast pumps for more great recommendations.

Hope that helps!


OP posts:
Want2bSupermum · 24/10/2018 13:46

As previous poster said, it's a toss up between the symphony and spectra. Both are excellent. I rented the symphony and my insurance paid for the spectra (I'm in the US). The spectra was easy to carry around compared to the symphony. Major PITA with getting parts for the spectra compared to the symphony. It's better now though.

mummabubs · 24/10/2018 13:48

Medela Maxi Swing (and the bra!)

Due to feeding issues I had to exclusively express for a year and literally only stopped a week ago. That pump was reliable and easy to use and much better than the single Nuby one I used for the first fortnight. The only drawback I'd say is that the pump could be a little quieter but I've been very happy with it.

Want2bSupermum · 24/10/2018 13:49

The bra to hold the cups in place is amazing. Although I used an old sports bra with holes cut into the nipples. Just don't use the sports bras that go over your head. The compression restricts supply so it needs to come off when you finish pumping.

GirlAtTheRockShow · 24/10/2018 14:55

Medela Swing 

qate · 24/10/2018 15:03

I used a medela freestyle double pump as went back to work very quickly and needed to have something sturdy suited for multiple pumps everyday. The one I really wanted was the spectra as everything I read indicated it was a superior pump but the fact that spare parts weren't as easily available put me off.

AllTheProsecco · 24/10/2018 16:21

Spectra s1, hands down the best pump I tried (and I tried a lot! Medela swing, ardo calypso, a few manuals).

Please make it clear when you share the difference between closed systems, hospital grade (which can be used for exclusive pumping and sold on hygienically) and open systems like the swing which aren't designed for long term use or for passing between mums.

TwoDrifters · 24/10/2018 16:28

We bought the Medela Swing and copied a YouTube “hack” to convert it to a double pump without paying the extra £. Worked perfectly - very pleased. (Though perhaps Medela wouldn’t want this known too widely!)

3boysandabump · 24/10/2018 16:53

Medela swing

legocardsagain · 24/10/2018 17:57

Medela Swing. Was brilliant and available to hire, made it easier to try it out and then only paid for the few months I needed it.

SinkGirl · 24/10/2018 18:03

Ardo calypso. I used it for 7 months, every two hours. It was a fantastic pump. It broke at one point and Ardo replaced it within 24 hours.

Seafoodeatit · 24/10/2018 18:07

Another for the ardo calypso double. I've had a Medela freestyle double and don't feel it was any better and certainly not for the cost.

Serafinaaa · 24/10/2018 18:44

Medela swing

NameChange30 · 24/10/2018 18:53

Another vote for the Ardo Calypso double. It’s closed system and very quiet, which makes it better than the Medela Swing (open system and louder according to the reviews).

I also found the Haakaa useful for getting milk from one breast while feeding from the other, and just used the Haakaa in the early days. Didn’t get loads though so I used my Ardo Calypso for “proper” pumping.

RicStar · 24/10/2018 18:57

I didn’t like my medela swing at all this time I have a medela manual with dc3 which I much prefer is silent cheap and easy to travel. I think a manual is good for occasional expressing (I do one feed per day).

cazinge · 24/10/2018 18:59

Spectra S1 every time. I started with a Medela Swing which did me ok for 7 weeks, switched to a Swing Maxi once I realised I would be pumping fulltime but every time I went to pump I had to open / close the valves to get the suction so asked for a refund. Bought the S1 for £30 less than the Swing Maxi and it is amazing! I pump in to the Spectra bottles that came with it then decant into Medela bottles.

Shixtyshixpershent · 24/10/2018 19:00

Naturebond/haakaa. These really are brilliant, minimal effort and work great when feeding/pumping on the opposite side. No fiddly bits to clean or assemble either.

Didsomeonesaybunny · 24/10/2018 19:02

Medela electric and hakaa have been very good for me

sabrinathethirtysomethingwitch · 24/10/2018 19:19

Another vote for ardo calypso!

Oldtiger · 24/10/2018 19:37

I’ve breasted my 3 children but 3rd time I bought the Ardo calypso double - I much preferred it to my Medela swing. It was quieter, more effective and lasted longer (1 faulty Medela that used to switch itself off after useinh for a while!) . Also being a closed pump system made me quite happy to buy it second hand.

adjsavedmylife · 24/10/2018 20:14

Another Spectra S1 vote here. Much cheaper than most for a hospital grade pump. Closed system, nightlight, timer, very quiet. Well thought through. My medela lost suction for no reason.

rebelrosie12 · 24/10/2018 20:23

Ardo calypso. Hospital grade closed circuit and absolutely brilliant.

Queenofthedrivensnow · 24/10/2018 20:46

Philips Avent was well with the cash


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stealthbanana · 24/10/2018 21:08

I used a medela pump in style - it was extremely effective and comes in a backpack which is handy

Would love it if you could test the new elvie pump - have seen ads for it and would be interested to know if it works as being able to tuck an electric pump in your bra would be awesome!

Cotswoldmama · 24/10/2018 21:11

I used the meleda hand pump it was great as it was compact and quiet. I used it when I was back at work. I used the tommee tippee electric one with my first son which was really efficient but very loud!

Aaarrrggghh · 24/10/2018 21:13

Another vote for the Spectra S1. Loved mine.

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