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Reflux/CMPA/ongoing issues

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Boris100 · 08/07/2019 11:34

Really needing some MN advice please, at my wits end.

Background is Ds3 is 9 weeks old, was born by CS at 37 due to size and extra fluid too. Not sure if relevant but NT for him was 3.5, lots of scary conversations, didn't have amnio but all scans throughout everything normal.

Ds born and was breastfeeding, few hours after birth he was grunty, blood sugar was below 2, so MW's had me topping up breast feeds with formula. They kept checking blood sugar and it rose enough, we went home day after my section.

Since then he's been formula fed, I breastfed for about a week. Symptoms are, grizzly, lots of wind, vomiting lots of bottle back, even 2 hours after feed he's still bringing bits back up, including clear liquid and from his nose and mouth.

Under advice of GP, HV, MW's and paediatrician he's been tried on the following...

Gripe water
SMA comfort milk
Cow and gate
And he's now on neocate only.

His sleep is still very disturbed, he's in pain most of the time with his stomach, Neocate has improved the amount he vomits but it's still happening numerous times after a feed.

He's on 6 oz but NEVER goes 4 hours, always 2-3 hours. He was born 8lb 15oz and is now 14lb 1oz so weight gain isn't an issue at all.

We had an episode last week in which he went rigid, threw his head back and couldn't breathe, he had mottling of the skin (which is on/off still) so I called 111, they called a paramedic, Ds's blood sugar was checked and was 2. So we ended up on the ward over night, his blood sugar rose to normal levels again, and everything else they checked was fine.

Home again - and we still have a very unhappy baby. He's not sleeping well, can get him to sleep but then he wakes up with a start, like pain is waking him. He can drink the bottles fine it's afterward and leading up to the next feed. He gets really bad hiccups too, strange sounding, are quite violent they then calm to normal hiccups. We wind him many times during a feed but nothing is working or helping.

Bowels change from green to yellow, had a bit of constipation going on too. On the Neocate his poo has gone dark green.

Please help! Have a paediatrician appointment again tomorrow, as Neocate isn't helping as much as we thought it would so possibly can't be CMPA. My dd has it too and the change in her once milk switched was instant and ceased all the issues.

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Boris100 · 08/07/2019 12:14


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hormonesorDHbeingadick · 08/07/2019 12:18

Hopefully you will get some answers tomorrow. In the meantime your little one is only 6 weeks old by corrected age and it is perfectly normal for him to not go as long as 4 hours between feeds.

Boris100 · 08/07/2019 12:27

Thanks for the reply Smile see that's the other thing, the paediatrician said 6oz is too much so to drop to 5oz and make him go 4 hours Hmm no chance...

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Boris100 · 08/07/2019 23:13


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JacksHat · 08/07/2019 23:18

I was advised little and often to help reflux, are you still giving the Ranitidine? I would ask if they’ll try Omeprazole instead.
Have you had help from the specialist infant feeding health visitor? They’re very good in our area. Good luck!

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