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Expressing colostrum during pregnancy - question

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Nobhobs · 21/06/2019 11:36

I might sound a bit thick here, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and leaking a lot so decided to try and store some. My midwife gave me some sterile pots and syringes today, said to express into the pot then suck into the syringe, all fine.

Now I'm home I'm wondering if the colostrum leaks down my boob into the pot, is it then contaminated? I don't have filthy boobs they are regularly showered I'm just curious whether it's not meant to come into contact with anything other than the sterile pot/syringe?


OP posts:
JoMumsnet · 21/06/2019 17:51

Hi @Nobhobs,

We've put together some useful info on breastfeeding and expressing breast milk - please do take a look.

Hopefully there'll be some Mumsnetters along shortly with some more advice. Brew

Jellybean100 · 21/06/2019 19:42

No it will be fine, colostrum is packed with bacteria fighting properties, you’ll find a lot of places say you don’t even need to sterilise pumps etc when it’s breastmilk!

surreygirl1987 · 29/06/2019 22:51

It should be fine - the baby will come into contact with your breasts all the time anyway. And it's not like they're filthy!

That said, I expressed little bits out while lying on my back (often in the bath) and sucked it out with a syringe directly off my nipple. Worth a try if you're concerned? There's no need to use the pot and thst might eliminate wasted colostrum as well.

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