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How many feeds a day does/did your 3 month old have?

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Gobletoffire · 09/06/2019 17:28

DS is nearly 3 months, I’ve posted a few times this week as he’s had a ‘nursing strike’ and refused to breastfeed even when he’s been clearly hungry. I’ve persevered with him and he’s had to have an occasional bottle of formula but I’ve been expressing in between to try and maintain my supply! Today so far (since 7:30am) he has only had 3 biggish feeds and one tiny feed, so 4 in total but only three proper ones. He used to cluster feed a lot so things have dramatically changed, but he definitely has been feeding for longer and sometimes on both breasts. Is this normal? He seems happy in himself and lots of wet and dirty nappies but since the episodes of breast refusal a few days ago I’m really paranoid he isn’t getting enough. How many feeds a day on average did your 3 month old have?

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Pearlfish · 09/06/2019 17:38

Around 12 weeks I remember there was a sudden change in DS's feeding patterns - his feeds became further apart and shorter too. I was worried but he continued to be happy and healthy so I think he had just become more efficient at feeding and so was getting more milk, more quickly at each feed.

MichelleOR84 · 17/06/2019 12:07

At 3 months we were down to 6 feeds a day ( sometimes 7 )! The feeds got a lot shorter too but that’s the baby getting more efficient !!!

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