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Medela hand pump: any good?

5 replies

Mummytoboyxx · 28/05/2019 18:51

Has anyone used the medela hand pump? Is it any good? X

OP posts:
Loubyloulou88 · 29/05/2019 02:28

Yes I like mine. In fact I have both the electric and the manual and tend to stick to the manual.

Mummytoboyxx · 30/05/2019 01:36

@Loubyloulou88 thanks. Xx

OP posts:
orangeblosssom · 31/05/2019 09:43

I much prefer a double electric pump. I didn't have the time to manually

Shanmoore · 01/06/2019 18:16

I didn't get on with it personally. Took too much time to get a small amount in comparison to electric pumps.

AnakinPadme · 01/06/2019 18:19

I love mine. I find I can easily get a bottle full in a short time. I like that I can easily bring it from place to place at home. I'm really glad I didn't bother with an electric one. But I also don't pump too often, just a few times a week.

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