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Fussing and screaming!

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Jadefeather7 · 14/05/2019 08:17


I’m currently mix feeding my baby who is two weeks old. He seems to fuss (and eventually scream a lot) when I try to put anything in his mouth (whether that’s bottle or breast). He flails his arms about making it difficult to put the breast//bottle in and it can be quite stressful. Once he’s latched on or has the bottle in his mouth he’s fine. Any ideas why this might be and any advice? I’ve tried to reduce the time between feeds in case it’s frustration from being hungry but he still does it. Thanks!

OP posts:
PorridgeLove · 21/05/2019 17:16

Have you tried swaddling him? Mine gets like that when he is tired and his Moro reflex goes crazy.

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