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3.5 mo baby won’t feed unless asleep - help!

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zomfish · 09/05/2019 14:59

Hi, my 3.5 month old boy has always had some reflux issues and is diagnosed with silent reflux. He was on ranitidine which worked for about a week then wore off, and is now on Omeprazole. However he is still in discomfort when feeding and often starts crying when he sees the bottle, as he has developed an aversion. He is on anti-reflux formula and we are only successful in feeding him when he is asleep, presumably because he is a calm and relaxed. Has anyone ever had this? Drugs don’t seem to be working well enough... help! Can’t leave the house...!

OP posts:
MindatWork · 11/05/2019 21:06

He might need to go up a teat size op - this sounds like a v fussy phase my DD went through around the same age. She was still on size 1s as she didn’t have a strong suck (prem+tongue tie). We had a couple of sicky days after the switch but she settled down after that. He will grow out of it I promise!

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