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Stopping breastfeeding- 14 month old

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HarrietM87 · 05/05/2019 18:56

My baby has never had a bottle - all milk (other than cows introduced at 12 months) was direct from my breasts, but I need to stop bf now due to work. He’s down to morning and night feeds only. He drinks cows milk during the day from his cup happily. DH is putting him to bed now with a cup of warm cows milk and he’s screaming’s so heartbreaking. Not sure why I’m posting really - just reassurance that he’ll be ok soon. For others who did similar - how long did it take? Feeling like a terrible person right now.

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NuffSaidSam · 05/05/2019 21:56

He'll be ok. He's peed off that he isn't getting breastfed, which is fair enough! But he's fine having a cuddle and some milk with his daddy. He'll get over it quickly, day or two. Just stay strong, don't go back and forth.

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