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24 weeks or 6 calendar months

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LaurenSarah22 · 27/04/2019 07:24

So my LO is 24 weeks next week shes already having puree a couple of times a day ( just a few spoons ) however I want to go down to BLW approach when she can have gluten etc. However I'm not too sure whether they mean 24 weeks or 6 calendar months. When she is 24 weeks she will be 5.5 calendar months.

She sits unaided and has lost her tongue thrust and really enjoys her puree food so I dont know what to do

OP posts:
LIZS · 27/04/2019 07:35

Is it not 26 weeks? Can she sit , pick things up and mouth them?

LaurenSarah22 · 27/04/2019 07:42

Well if you go by weeks then 24 weeks is 6 months and there is 4 weeks is a month. However if you go by calendar months then yes is 26 weeks. Yeah she sits unaided and put things in her mouth she also uses the spoon herself

OP posts:
Waitingforinspo · 27/04/2019 08:59

There are 13 weeks in 3 months.

dementedpixie · 27/04/2019 09:01

There aren't 4 weeks in a month (except for February). 6 months is 26 weeks

dementedpixie · 27/04/2019 09:03

It's not BLW if you've given puree. It's giving finger foods alongside puree aka traditional weaning

dementedpixie · 27/04/2019 09:05

And can you not give finger foods just now as well as puree, it doesn't have to be one or the other

BikeRunSki · 27/04/2019 09:07

24 weeks is not 6 months, because a month is usually more than 4 weeks! Only February is 4 weeks, and not in leap years.

1 month is 4 weeks and 2 or 3 days. All those 2 or 3 data add up to an extra 2 weeks by 6 months.

6 months is 26 weeks, or 6 calendar months.

Ploppymoodypants · 27/04/2019 09:08

Forget weeks and months.
Can she sit unaided and bring items to her mouth and hold them there successfully? This is the indication that she is ready for weaning. This mostly happens around 6 months.
I wouldn’t give puree now. All it’s doing is filling her up so she takes less milk, but a few spoons won’t actually give her enough nutrients to replace the milk.
I would just let her play with some finger foods on a high chair when you have meals. So she is joining in with the family and exploring textures and tastes. I wouldn’t replace any milk feeds with food for a while.

dementedpixie · 27/04/2019 09:11

First stage weaning isn't about filling them up though, it about new tastes and textures. Perfectly fine to continue with the puree and introduce finger foods alongside them

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser · 27/04/2019 09:14

The guidelines are to wait until around 6 months. So if she’s only a couple of weeks off 6 months but able to hold her head up, pick things up and put them in her mouth, and can swallow the purées you’re giving her then it’s ok to start introducing solid foods.

Kokeshi123 · 27/04/2019 14:50

6 months means 6 calendar months, so more like 26 weeks. However, the most important thing is to look at the child not the calendar! Even those bodies who say that parents should wait till 6 months, say "around" 6 months. She sounds interested in food, should be fine to start.

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